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  1. This Instructable will show you how to put together some LeD Spidies for Halloween. They are simple to make and fun to hide in dark corners for guests to find. I have tried to keep this simple and to the point for the younger viewers. If you are ...
  2. Thomas Scarborough The simple conjuring trick in Figure 1 is intended to provide some enjoyment for the beginner in electronics or conjuring, and should take only an hour or two to build. The trick works as follows: a wand (with a magnet mounted in ...
  3. Introduction Pulse Generator kit will generate a frequency in KHz which can form a good test gear project. This kit is based on the classic LM555 timer IC. Input - 12 VDC Max @ 40 mA Range - jumper selectable and preset tunable range of 1 Hz to 180 ...
  4. Atanua is a real-time logic simulator, designed to help in learning of basic boolean logic and electronics. It uses OpenGL hardware-accelerated rendering and a custom UI designed for a fast workflow and a very low learning curve, letting the ...
  5. Rajkumar Sharma 4 Channel Infrared (IR) Remote is a simple kit using the famous HT12A and HT12D encoder / decoder chips from Holtek.
  6. moris_zen How to turn a 10$ microscope and a 5$ USB camera into a cool digital microscope in 60 minuits. Just remove any screws and plastic cover that is not needed. This webcam cost me 5$ - very simple low resolution web cam. Place hot-glue over ...
  7. Hanzablast Turn an old telelens and a webcam into a powerfull telescope that is capable of seeing craters on the moon. Next to the webcam and tele lens all you need are some standard pvc plumbing materials (pipes, diameter adapters and endcaps). ...
  8. Do you like making electrical gadgets? Read on to find how to make them look indistinguishable from professional shop-bought equipment with nothing more than a can of spray glue and some OHP transparencies. Whether you are just making a flashlight ...
  9. This simple method lets you make LCD backlight of any color and size to bring new look to an old device. For this job you'll need piece of transparent plastic, LEDs, resistors and some wire plus good set of different tools and couple of straight ...
  10. Create this cool piece of art from your electronic parts bin. This makes the perfect christmas present! I have given it to many people over the years, and they all loved it! To guys, it's a really cool gadget. And for girls, it makes a nice piece ...
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