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Wind Turbines.

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  1. Stephen Woodward EDN The rise of interest in renewable energy created by soaring fossil-fuel costs and global-warming fears has created a matching interest in associated support and demonstration instrumentation. This Design Idea hops on that ...
    Circuits » Analogue Design · Wind Energy · Measurement » Texas Instruments » CD74HC4053, LM4040, LMC6484
  2. A good (hopefully, time will tell) tower for the 17 foot diameter wind turbine is very similar to the one we built for the 20 foot diameter wind turbine that powers our shop. The tower we'll discuss on this page is 64 feet tall, made from 10 inch ...
  3. Continuation This page is about the assembly of the alternator. Pictured above we have the back magnet rotor assembled to the wheel hub with all the studs on. The back rotor lays right on the back machined surface of the wheel hub. Again ...
  4. Continuation The coils for the new 17 foot wind turbine are larger than those for the first 17 footer we made. We actually use exactly the same size and shape of coil that we did for the 20 foot diameter wind turbine . Again -- if you're ...
  5. The enclosure above contains a wind generator dump load. It was designed to be mounted at a remote repeater site where the source of power is a wind generator. When the battery is fully charged the voltage on the terminals will reach 14.1V. At this ...
  6. Continuation On this page we'll go over how we make the magnet rotors. We do a few things differently here than we did on any other pages in the past -- and we build all our machines this way now. First, we have the magnet rotors sand blasted and ...
  7. This page is a bit of an update on our 17 foot wind turbine design. The old page is HERE and explains in some detail how we built our first 17 foot turbine. This version contains several updates. We built the first one over 3 years ago. While the ...
  8. Lance Turner Generating the power The generator I used was actually a large permanent magnet DC motor from an old vertical computer tape drive. These are very robust, well built motors about the size of a large car starter motor. They are simple ...
  9. Lance Turner This wind turbine cost nothing virtually nothing to make and can produce enough power for small applications There are many situations where you might need a small amount of electricity, for instance running gate openers, safety ...
  10. UPDATE 05/17/07 Here is a photo of me setting up the wind turbine on my remote property during our May 2007 trip to Arizona. I had left most of the equipment on-site in Arizona. I only brought the turbine head and charge controller back home with ...
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