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Circuits: Wind Energy

Wind Turbines.

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  1. Hub Blade Assembly The next obstacle is building a hub to attach the blades to. There are many types of ways that this can be done. I have used circular sawblades and scrap steel disks. I recommend the sawblade approach, as they are readily ...
  2. Tools Required Surprisingly, building a simple wind generator only requires very basic hand tools, and if you are desperate you won't necessarily need all of them. I used.. Jigsaw (or a hacksaw and a lot of determination) Drill (2) Drill Bits ...
  3. Kevin Harris, Oklahoma Lately I've been spending a great deal of time working on ways to generate my own electricity. It isn't a necessity for me yet, but someday being electrically self-sufficient could really come in handy. My interest started a ...
  4. Easy homemade anemometer, this goes together quickly if you have the parts laying around. This is basically a mini wind generator; the spinning motor produces a current that a multimeter reads. Ingredients: 1 cheap $3 analog multimeter 3 or 4 ...
  5. Tigrezno I'll show you how to recycle an old scanner into an amazing wind generator. You need it, clean energy! What you need: Old scanner Rectifier diodes (I used 8 1N4007 ) 1000 uF Capacity LM7805 (voltage regulator for 5 volts) PVC pipe (for ...
  6. Though Skippy the Hamster powers this night light by running on his excercise wheel, the same concepts and low-rpm alternator design could be applied to a school science project using different energy sources! A small wind or hydro turbine could ...
  7. A system that receives its power from a renewable-energy source, such as a photovoltaic panel or a wind-driven generator, typically accumulates power in a rechargeable battery and delivers it to a load. Often, both processes occur simultaneously. ...
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