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  1. James B Wood, Inovonics Inc, Felton, CA; Edited by Martin Rowe and Fran Granville- June 24, 2010 You can design a hardware-based frequency synthesizer with one inexepensive IC and a few passive components. Such synthesizer chips are not always ...
  2. Yury Magda A PC's serial port provides signal lines that you can use to read voltage levels of digital circuits. You can use the port to test digital TTL (transistor-to-transistor-logic)-level circuits. You just need to convert the TTL levels ...
  3. Write Cycle This is the simplest bus cycle. Target devices detect the start of the bus cycle by the FRAME# is asserted at the second clock. At a bus cycle is initiated, the bus comand and the address is taken in to each target device attached to ...
  4. I am 13 I have always wanted to build a cnc machine but because inexpensive parts are hard to find in Canada I have had trouble trying to build a decent cnc controller. The purpose if this Instructable is to show that anyone can build a cnc ...
  5. This simple circuit is the electronic version of the combination lock. Using the special purpose LS7220 digital lock IC, the circuit allows a 4 digit combination of your choice to activate a relay for a set period of time. This relay can then be ...
  6. ScopeOnPC is a free software that uses the PC parallel port and an ADC (Analog To Digital converter) circuit to turn your PC into a full featured ocliloscope. Key Features Sampling: 100K Samples per second (DOS version) -100KHz Sampling: 40K ...
  7. Contemporary research laboratories include a variety of instruments that connect using any of several interface methods to a PC for automating procedures and collecting data. Although different communication interfaces exist, the GPIB ...
  8. When synchronizing two instruments’ signals, it is important to make sure that the receiver can latch the sender’s synchronous signal. For example, a pulse generator generates synchronizing pulses while generating the main pulse signal. ...
  9. The recent advent of Analog Devices ADCMP60x family of comparators has filled a gap between the less-than-1-µsec-response comparators consuming 100 to 200 mW and those exhibiting approximately 1-µsec response, requiring about ...
  10. You can play this game alone or with your friends. The circuit comprises a timer IC, two decade counters and a display driver along with a 7-segment display. The game is simple. As stated above, it is a scoring game and the competitor who scores ...
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