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  1. IC1: MAX2606 L1: 390nH Voltage Supply: 3 - 5V Frequency: 88 - 108MHz A simple FM transmitter links your home-entertainment system to a portable radio that can be carried around the house and into the back yard. For example, you can play music on ...
  2. RF Monolithics, AN0901 Introduction This application note presents a PCB reference design for RFM ’s TRC104 2.4 GHz transceiver IC. The reference design, including a PCB antenna, easily fits on one square inch of circuit board. Two RF ...
    Circuits » Wireless » RFM » TRC104
  3. mikroElektronika This week we are showing you how easily you can build your own home-made SMS alarm system, with minimum expenses. All you need to have is StartUSB for PIC Board , Smart GM862 with Telit GM862 module and antenna, one SIM card and a ...
  4. Vassilis Serasidis Introduction. It's been passed a lot of years since my first SMS remote control. The reason I stoped developing the source code of my previous circuit was that the T10s was not available in the market sinse a lot of years. So, ...
  5. Power-up Once you have a transmitter-receiver pair of devices assembled, it's time for the first test. We recommend to use a single computer for testing both devices. First, power down the computer and connect the transmitter unit between the PS/2 ...
  6. Introduction Familiar with the concept of hardware keylogging? A hardware keylogger is a perfect solution for monitoring user activity, at very low risk of disclosure. A hardware keylogger is a purely electronic device, so no access to the ...
  7. The complete WLAN solution for AVR and other CPUs Software The software needed to drive the SPI2CF consists of two main parts: The low level drivers needed to access the PRISM compact flash slot via SPI and a (hardware independant) TCP/IP stack on ...
  8. The complete WLAN solution for AVR and other CPUs The SPI2CF chip used in the SPI2CF demo system is based upon a cheap CPLD. The necessary WebPack ISE development system is available as a free download from Xilinx. It can therefore be used for ...
  9. The complete WLAN solution for AVR and other CPUs The page is about equipping an Atmel AVR microcontroller based system with a PRISM WLAN interface. This document is intended for people that already have experiences with the AVR microcontrollers ...
  10. Overview The “Simple Wireless Security System” monitors the open/closed state of two (garage) doors. Sensors detect the state of the doors, and a Zigbee wireless transceiver sends the state information to a PC. The PC runs a GUI ...
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