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  1. Shyam Sunder Tiwari Electronic Design Ambient light is increasingly being used as a source of energy. To help designers of such systems, this circuit accurately measures ambient light intensity over four decades of measurement. The design is highly ...
  2. Troy Murphy EDN Thanks to its property of applying an equal amount of delay to all frequencies below its cutoff frequency, the Bessel linear-phase filter sees service in audio applications in which it's necessary to remove out-of-band noise without ...
  3. Moshe Gerstanhaber and Chau Tran, Analog Devices EDN Many modern A/D converters offer only a 5 V input range, and using these converters with a 5 V or larger input signal gives the designer a problem: how to discard half of a good analog signal ...
  4. Jim McLucas EDN A recent Design Idea described a method for designing simple, high-frequency LC oscillators with few passive components ( Reference 1 ). However, for best results, practical hardware design of a stable oscillator requires more parts ...
    Circuits » Analogue Design · Oscillators » STMicroelectronics » TL082, BF998, 2N5486
  5. Guy Hoover, Linear Technology Design Note 1034 Introduction The high speed op amps required to buffer a modern 16 /18-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC) typically dissipate as much power as the ADC itself, often with a maximum offset spec of ...
    Circuits » Analogue Design » Linear Technology » LTC2372-18, LT6016
  6. Louis Vlemincq EDN This Design Idea applies a novel topology to an oscillator. It uses a series-connected LC (inductive-capacitive) tank circuit to give the circuit a higher tuning range than circuits that use a parallel-LC connection. The ...
  7. By Chau Tran, Analog Devices EDN Europe In many audio, automotive and instrumentation applications, there are requirements for a low cost but highly stable and accurate square wave generator with a respectable level of output current drive. As we ...
  8. Guy Hoover, Linear Technology Design Note 541 The op amps used to drive 18-bit analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) typically draw as much supply current as the ADC itself, often with a maximum offset spec that is well above that of the ADC. If ...
    Circuits » Analogue Design » Linear Technology » LTC2348-18, LT6020
  9. A Hunt EDN When I was recently debugging a design, I discovered that a short circuit existed from a ground plane to a power plane. I did not have access to a milliohmmeter or an equivalent tester for locating this type of short circuit. So, I ...
  10. Shyam Sunder Tiwari EDN While JFETs are excellent devices for low-cost high-input impedance amplifiers, they do suffer from temperature-dependent gain drift (Figure 1). This problem can be ameliorated by setting the drain current to the zero-drift ...
    Circuits » Analogue Design » Analog Devices » AD8009, AD812, J309

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