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Datasheet Texas Instruments 5962-9096901M2A

Manufacturer:Texas Instruments
Series:TLC3704, TLC3704M
Part Number:5962-9096901M2A

Quad, Micropower, Push-Pull Outputs, LinCMOS Voltage Comparator


Manufacturer's Classification:

Semiconductors > Amplifiers and Linear > Comparator

Other Names: 59629096901M2A, 5962 9096901M2A

SLCS117C -NOVEMBER 1986 -REVISED NOVEMBER 2009 D Push-Pull CMOS Output Drives Capacitive D D D D
Loads Without Pullup Resistor, IO = 8 mA Very Low Power . 200 W Typ at 5 V Fast Response Time . tPLH = 2.7 s Typ With 5-mV Overdrive Single Supply Operation . 3 V to 16 V TLC3704M . 4 V to 16 V On-Chip ESD Protection D, J, OR N PACKAGE (TOP VIEW) 1OUT 2OUT VDD 2IN -2IN + 1IN -1IN + 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 3OUT 4OUT GND 4IN + 4IN -3IN + 3IN -description
The TLC3704 consists of four independent micropower voltage comparators designed to operate from a single supply and be compatible with modern HCMOS logic systems. They are functionally similar to the LM339 but use 1/20th the power for similar response times. The push-pull CMOS output stage drives capacitive loads directly without a power-consuming pullup resistor to achieve the stated response time. Eliminating the pullup resistor not only reduces power dissipation, but also saves board space and component cost. The output stage is also fully compatible with TTL requirements. Texas Instruments LinCMOS process offers superior analog performance to standard CMOS processes. Along with the standard CMOS advantages of low power without sacrificing speed, high input impedance, and low bias currents, the LinCMOS process offers extremely stable input offset voltages with large differential input voltages. This characteristic makes it possible to build reliable CMOS comparators. The TLC3704C is characterized for operation over the commercial temperature range of 0C to 70C. The TLC3704I is characterized for operation over the extended industrial temperature range of -40C to 85C. The TLC3704M is characterized for operation over the full military temperature range of -55C to 125C. The TL...

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