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  1. Sajjad Haidar EDN Power supplies with adjustable DC output ranging from 0 V to 30 V or 60 V are on the market. Above 60 V, there are not many. This Design Idea offers a solution. There are many fixed voltage switching mode power supplies (SMPS) ...
    Circuits » High Voltage · Supply · Power » Texas Instruments · Vishay » VOM1271, TL494
  2. Mitchell Lee, Linear Technology LT Journal of Analog Innovation As the power consumption of individual cards increases in rack-mounted systems, current consumption necessarily follows suit. A point is reached where the current delivered by the ...
  3. Martin Jagelka, Martin Daricek Martin Donoval EDN Continuous monitoring of heart activity permits measurement of heart rate variability (HRV), a basic parameter of heart health and other diseases. This Design Idea is a new design of pulse oximetry ...
  4. George Qian, Linear Technology Design Note 525 Introduction Traditionally, isolated power supplies use an opto-coupler in the feedback loop to transfer regulation information across the isolation barrier. Unfortunately, an opto-coupler’s gain ...
    Circuits » Supply · Power » Linear Technology » LT3573, LT3574, LT3575, LT3511, LT3512, LT8300, LT8302
  5. Einar Abell EDN This Design Idea is a gated oscillator with the unusual (unique?) characteristic of stopping in its current state rather than being forced high or low. Unlike a conventional gated oscillator, this one both starts and stops in its ...
  6. Jim Drew, Linear Technology LT Journal Analog circuits often need a split-voltage power supply to achieve a virtual ground at the output of an amplifier. These split-voltage power supplies are generally low power supplies supporting tens of ...
  7. Lyle Russell Williams EDN A direct-conversion radio receiver required an audio gain of 450 from a pentode vacuum tube. A pentode has a high transconductance that is, the ratio of the change in plate current to the change of the control grid voltage ...
    Circuits » Audio » 6AU6
  8. Marian Stofka EDN Standard optocoupler speed is limited mainly by the relatively slow response of the phototransistor. This Design Idea adds components to the LED drive side to speed things up. R1 is the original LED resistor, as used before the ...
  9. Guy Hoover, Linear Technology Design Note 526 Introduction The LTC2314-14 is a 14-bit, 4.5 Msps, serial output ADC with an integrated high performance reference. The single-ended input of the LTC2314-14 is easy to drive and in many instances does ...
    Circuits » Analogue Design » Linear Technology » LTC2314-14, LT6236
  10. Petre Petrov EDN The popular 555 timer ( LMC555 , SE555 , NE555 , HA555 ) can be used as a PWM/Class-D amplifier for musical instruments or other applications. It can use a wide supply range of 4.5-16 V and produce 200 mA of drive. The audio is fed ...
    Circuits » Audio » LMC555, SE555, NE555, HA555
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