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  1. Application Note AN-1188 August 2013 Akos Hodany The IRuFB1 40 W Isolated Flyback PFC design is presented in this document. This power supply circuit provides power factor correction (PFC), output voltage regulation and full protection against ...
  2. Anthony Smith Electronic Design A previous current limiter works well at low supply voltages but lacks precision at supply voltages above 10 V. This improved version reacts quickly to protect the circuit from drops in load resistance at higher ...
  3. Adolfo Mondragon EDN The LM317 voltage regulator is well know for its versatility and ability to perform many different and varied functions. The standard and classic is the adjustable positive voltage regulator with a three terminal configuration. ...
    Circuits » LM317
  4. Budge Ing, Maxim Integrated EDN Pulse-width modulation (PWM) generators are integrated in nearly every switching power device. This article shows two methods for implementing a stand-alone analog PWM waveform generator. These designs can also be ...
    Circuits » Oscillators » Maxim » ICM7555, MAX998
  5. Ajoy Raman EDN Utilizing the large operating voltage range of an octal CMOS buffer, this Design Idea presents a simple 8-bit two-quadrant multiplying Digital-to-Analog-Converter (DAC) built with the buffer/line-driver IC 74HC244 . Figure 1. In ...
    Circuits » Digital » 74HC244
  6. This project is pretty cool for a few reasons, and driving a huge LED matrix with a single 8-bit controller is just one of them. The idea was born when I bought 120 LEDs of the wrong type, and decided to do something with them. With that many LEDs, ...
  7. Russ Williams EDN Figure 1. Display of R-L-C circuit. There is one analog graphic which remains impressive in spite of all the computer graphics programs available for screen savers and such (Figure 1). Known as quadrature art, the display can be ...
  8. Jordan Dimitrov EDN Designers often use VFCs (voltage-to-frequency converters) to perform A-to-D conversion in data acquisition systems that require strict monotonic response, high resolution, reduced noise and moderate speed. The VFC produces a ...
  9. Steve Hageman EDN White noise is very useful in testing many types of circuits. When combined with an FFT analyzer, a flat noise source can make for quick and easy gain plots of circuits. If the noise into a circuit is flat and of known quantity, ...
  10. Jim McLucas EDN Editor's Note This unusual circuit could be placed in the PLL/FLL family, but it's neither. At its heart, it's a self-adjusting monostable that will convert digital signals over a 5:1 frequency range to accurate square waves. In ...
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