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  1. Design Note DN529 July 2014 Philip Karantzalis A common problem in power distribution systems is loss of regulation due to the cable/wire voltage drop between the regulator and the load. Any increase in wire resistance, cable length or load current ...
    Circuits » Supply · Power · Application Notes » Linear Technology » LT6110, LT3080, LT3976
  2. Didier Juges EDN Many MCU designs are intended to control power to devices such as motors, actuators, or other electronic subsystems. This power switching usually involves using a power device like a bipolar transistor or MOSFET that the MCU ...
  3. Marian Stofka EDN The SCR is a switching semiconductor device, whose theoretical basics were published by Moll et al. in 1956. Although lower power parts have almost disappeared from the contemporary switching scene being replaced by high-voltage ...
  4. Application Note ANDNGTB30N60L2WG/D June 2014 NGTB30N60L2WG newly developed is one of FS2-IGBT series, which enables fast switching and low VCE(sat) at the same time. It is considered common to take the absolute maximum Ic rating as reference when ...
  5. Petre Petrov EDN Many of the sensors capturing information from the world around us are resistive. A few examples are NTC, PTC, LDR, contact sensors. If we convert the resistance of the sensors into frequency or pulse duration, these parameters can ...
  6. M.S. Nagaraj ElectronicDesign Capacitive-based touch-sensor switches are gaining popularity for appliance, automotive, and industrial applications for many reasons. They’re aesthetically appealing, flexible, easy to manufacture, and easy to ...
  7. Application Note AN-1188 August 2013 Akos Hodany The IRuFB1 40 W Isolated Flyback PFC design is presented in this document. This power supply circuit provides power factor correction (PFC), output voltage regulation and full protection against ...
  8. Anthony Smith Electronic Design A previous current limiter works well at low supply voltages but lacks precision at supply voltages above 10 V. This improved version reacts quickly to protect the circuit from drops in load resistance at higher ...
  9. Adolfo Mondragon EDN The LM317 voltage regulator is well know for its versatility and ability to perform many different and varied functions. The standard and classic is the adjustable positive voltage regulator with a three terminal configuration. ...
    Circuits » LM317
  10. Budge Ing, Maxim Integrated EDN Pulse-width modulation (PWM) generators are integrated in nearly every switching power device. This article shows two methods for implementing a stand-alone analog PWM waveform generator. These designs can also be ...
    Circuits » Oscillators » Maxim » ICM7555, MAX998
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