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Datasheet Cypress CYPD2105-20FNXIT

Series:EZ-PD CCG2
Part Number:CYPD2105-20FNXIT

USB Type-C Cable Controller


Manufacturer's Classification:

USB Type-C and Power Delivery > EZ-PD CCG2 Type-C Cable Controller

Other Names: CYPD210520FNXIT, CYPD2105 20FNXIT

PRELIMINARY EZ-PDTM CCG2 Datasheet USB Type-C Cable Controller
General Description
EZ-PDTM CCG2 is a USB Type-C controller that complies with the latest USB Type-C and PD standards. EZ-PD CCG2 provides a complete USB Type-C and USB Power Delivery port control solution for active cables and powered accessories. It can also be used in many upstream and downstream facing port applications. EZ-PD CCG2 uses Cypress's proprietary M0S8 technology with a 32-bit, 48-MHz ARM® Cortex®-M0 processor with 32-KB flash and integrates a complete Type-C Transceiver including the RP, RD and RA resistors. Applications
USB Type-C EMCA cables USB Type-C Powered Accessories USB Type-C Upstream Facing Ports USB Type-C Downstream Facing Ports Type-C Support Integrated transceiver (baseband PHY) Integrated UFP (RD), and EMCA (RA) termination resistors, and current sources for DFP (RP) Supports one USB Type-C port 2.7-V to 5.5-V operation Two independent VCONN rails with integrated isolation between the two Independent supply voltage pin for GPIO allows 1.71-V to 5.5-V signaling on the I/Os Res...

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