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Datasheet Power Integrations LQA40B150C

Manufacturer:Power Integrations
Series:LQA40T150C, LQA40B150C
Part Number:LQA40B150C

Qspeed Family 150 V, 40 A Common-Cathode Diode


Manufacturer's Classification:

Qspeed Q-Series Diodes

LQA40T150C, LQA40B150C QspeedTM Family
150 V, 40 A Common-Cathode Diode Product Summary
IF(AVG) per diode VRRM QRR (Typ at 125 C) IRRM (Typ at 125 C) Softness tb/ta (Typ at 125 C) 20 150 33.6 1.86 0.57 A V nC A General Description
This device has the lowest QRR of any 150 V Silicon diode. Its recovery characteristics increase efficiency, reduce EMI and eliminate snubbers. Applications AC/DC and DC/DC output rectification Output and freewheeling diodes Motor drive circuits DC-AC inverters Pin Assignment Features Low QRR, Low IRRM, Low tRR High dIF/dt capable Soft recovery TO-220AB
LQA40T150C TO-263AB
A1 A2
LQA40B150C Benefits Increases efficiency Eliminates need for snubber circuits Reduces EMI filter component size and count Enables extremely fast switching K RoHS Compliant
Package uses Lead-free plating and "Green" mold compound Halogen free per IEC 61249-2-21. Absolute Maximum Ratings
Absolute maximum ratings are the values beyond which the device may be damaged or have its useful life impaired. Functional operation under these conditions is not implied. Symbol
Peak repetitive reverse voltage Average forward current Non-repetitive peak surge current Non-repetitive peak surge current Operating junction temperature range Storage temperature Lead soldering temperature Power dissipation Conditions
TJ = 25 C Per Diode, TJ = 150 C, TC = 116 C Per Device, TJ = 150 C, TC = 116 C Per Diode, 60 Hz, cycle Per Diode, cy...

  • Series: LQA40T150C, LQA40B150C (2)
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