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Datasheet IXYS CPC7512Z


Part Number:CPC7512Z

Dual 1-Form-A Shunt Isolated High Voltage High Frequency Analog Switch


Features Up to ±320V Switch to Ground Potential Series Switches Open Contact Isolation up to +600V 60dB Off Isolation at 1MHz Thermal Shutdown Protects Against Fault Conditions Guaranteed Break-Before-Make Low, Matched RON Flexible Switch Configurations Smart Logic for Power-Up/Hot-Plug State Control 5V Operation with Very Low Power Consumption TTL Logic-Level Inputs Input Latch Clean, Bounce-Free Switching Monolithic IC Reliability Multiplexed Ultrasonic Transducer Switching Battery Monitoring and Charging Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) Instrumentation Industrial Controls and Monitoring Dual 1-Form-A Shunt-Isolated High-Voltage High-Frequency Analog Switch Description
The CPC7512 dual 1-Form-A high-voltage, high-frequency, shunt-isolated analog switch builds upon IXYS Integrated Circuits Division's design and fabrication expertise for industrial applications. This monolithic solid state device provides the switching functionality of two normally open (1-Form-A) solid state relays for high frequency applications in one small economical package. Both switches incorporate shunt isolation by means of a T-switch compensation technique to minimize series capacitance through the open off-state switches for improved off-state isolation over frequency. Designed to provide flexible single-ended or differential access to high voltage networks, the CPC7512 is functionally configured as two independent logical switches. The self-biasing switches do not require external high-voltage supplies for proper operation. An integrated thermal shutdown feature provides not only enhanced protection for devices connected to high voltage networks up to +320V, but also an external signal to indicate the device is shut down. Applications Ordering Information
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CPC7512Z CPC7512ZTR Description
20-Pin SOIC in Tubes (40/Tube) 20-Pin SOIC Tape & Reel (1000/Reel) Figure 1. CPC7512 Block Diagram S1A S1COM S1IN0...

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