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Datasheet Linear Technology LT8309IS5#PBF

Linear Technology LT8309IS5#PBF

Manufacturer:Linear Technology
Part Number:LT8309IS5#PBF

Secondary-Side Synchronous Rectifier Drive


Manufacturer's Classification:

Power Management > Power Control > Secondary Side Controllers

Other Names: LT8309IS5PBF, LT8309IS5 PBF

LT8309 Secondary-Side Synchronous Rectifier Driver FeaTures n DescripTion
The LT®8309 is a secondary-side synchronous rectifier driver that replaces the output rectifier diode in a flyback topology. By replacing the diode with a N-channel MOSFET, applications are no longer restricted by the heat constraints of the output diode. The IC replicates the behavior of a dio...

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