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Datasheet PixArt PAN101BOI-204

Part Number:PAN101BOI-204

CMOS optical navigation sensor


Other Names: PAN101BOI204, PAN101BOI 204

The PAN101B is a low cost CMOS process optical navigation sensor with DSP integration chip that serves as a non-mechanical motion estimation engine for implementing a computer mouse. Features
Single 3.0 volt power supply Optical motion estimation technology Complete 2-D motion sensor No mechanical parts Key Specification
Power Supply Optical Lens Wide operating supply range 2.7V~3.6V 1:1 18.432 MHz 16+ inches/sec 400/800 cpi 3000 frames/sec <15mA @Mouse moving (Normal) < 5mA @Mouse not moving (sleep1) < 2mA @Mouse not moving (sleep2) < 100uA @Shutdown mode Package Shrunk DIP20 Accurate motion estimation over a wide System Clock range of surfaces High speed motion detection up to 16+ Speed inches/sec Resolution High resolution up to 800cpi Shutdown pin for low power dissipation. Power saving mode during times of no movement Serial Interface for programming and data Operating Current transfer I/O pin 5.0 volt tolerance Frame Rate Ordering Information Order number PAN101BOI-204 PAN101BOI-208 PAN101BSI-204 PAN101BSI-208 I/O Open-drain output Open-drain output CMOS output CMOS output Resolution 400 cpi 800 cpi 400 cpi 800 cpi All rights strictly reserved any portion in this paper shall not be reproduced, copied or transformed to any other forms without permission. 1 PixArt Imaging Inc. E-mail: V1.4, FEB. 2003 PixArt Imaging Inc. PAN101B CMOS Optical Navigation Sensor 1. Pin Description
Pin No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Name VSS_LED LED OSCOUT OSCIN VSSD VSSA VDDD VDDA VRB VRT VAY XA NC XB YA NC YB SCLK SDIO PD Type GND I/O OUT IN GND GND PWR PWR BYPASS BYPASS BYPASS Open-drain OUT (PAN101BOI) CMOS OUT (PAN101BSI) Open-drain OUT (PAN101BOI) CMOS OUT (PAN101BSI) Open-drain OUT (PAN101BOI) CMOS OUT (PAN101BSI) Open-drain OUT (PAN101BOI) CMOS OUT (PAN101BSI) IN Open-drain I/O (PAN101BOI) CMOS I/O (PAN101BSI) IN Definition LED ground LED control Resonator outp...

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