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Part Number:BAV99,215

High-speed switching diodes


Manufacturer's Classification:

Diodes > Switching diodes

Other Names: BAV99215, BAV99 215

BAV99 series
High-speed switching diodes
Rev. 8 -18 November 2010 Product data sheet 1. Product profile
1.1 General description
High-speed switching diodes, encapsulated in small Surface-Mounted Device (SMD) plastic packages.
Table 1. Product overview Package NXP BAV99 BAV99S BAV99W SOT23 SOT363 SOT323 JEITA SC-88 SC-70 JEDEC TO-236AB dual series quadruple; 2 series dual series Configuration Package configuration small very small very small Type number 1.2 Features and benefits
High switching speed: trr 4 ns Low leakage current Small SMD plastic packages Low capacitance: Cd 1.5 pF Reverse voltage: VR 100 V AEC-Q101 qualified 1.3 Applications
High-speed switching General-purpose switching Reverse polarity protection 1.4 Quick reference data
Table 2. Symbol Per diode IR VR trr
[1] Quick reference data Parameter reverse current reverse voltage reverse recovery time
[1] Conditions VR = 80 V Min -Typ -Max 0.5 100 4 Unit A V ns When switched from IF = 10 mA to IR = 10 mA; RL = 100 ; measured at IR =...

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