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Datasheet Texas Instruments LMH6881SQ/NOPB

Texas Instruments LMH6881SQ/NOPB

Manufacturer:Texas Instruments
Part Number:LMH6881SQ/NOPB

DC to 2.4 GHz, High-Linearity, Programmable Differential Amplifier


Manufacturer's Classification:

Semiconductors > Amplifiers and Linear > PGA/VGA > Programmable Differential Amplifier

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SNOSC72F ­ JUNE 2012 ­ REVISED FEBRUARY 2015 LMH6881 DC to 2.4-GHz, High-Linearity, Programmable Differential Amplifier
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The LMH6881 is a high-speed, high-performance, programmable differential amplifier. With a bandwidth of 2.4 GHz and high linearity of 44 dBm OIP3, the LMH6881 is suitable for a wide variety of signal conditioning applications. The LMH6881 programmable differenti...

  • Series: LMH6881 (1)
    • LMH6881SQ/NOPB
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