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Datasheet Semtech SC563LHULTRC

Part Number:SC563LHULTRC

Dual Output 300 mA LDO Linear Regulator


Manufacturer's Classification:

Power Management ICs > Linear Regulators & Controllers

Dual Output 300mA LDO Linear Regulator
POWER MANAGEMENT Features Description
The SC563 is a dual output, low dropout linear voltage regulator designed for use in battery powered applications and other applications with space constraints and low power requirements. The SC563 provides fixed output voltages up to 300mA of load current per channel. Fixed output voltages for each output eliminates the need for external feedback resistors. The device has separate input, output and enable pins for each LDO channel. Using the lowest possible input voltage for each output voltage reduces the power loss for each rail. This improves overall package thermal performance and efficiency compared to single input voltage devices. The device has fast turn-on and turn-off voltage slew rate for fast system start up and reset response. Low quiescent current extends battery life. The SC563 family of devices provide protection circuitry such as short-circuit protection, under-voltage lockout, and thermal protection to prevent device failures. Stability is maintained by using µF capacitors on the output pins. The MLPD-UT8 .6mmx.2mm package and small ceramic bypass capacitors minimize the required PCB area. Input voltage range -2.3V to 5.5V Two 300mA (maximum) outputs Dropout at 300mA load -80mV (Typ) Quiescent supply current -50A (x2) Shutdown current -00nA Output noise -00VRMS /V Over-temperature protection Short-circuit protection Under-voltage lockout Internal output discharge 00W MLPD-UT8, .6mm x .2mm x 0.6mm package Applications Consumer electronics Wearable & Portable electronics Cell phones GP...

  • Series: SC563 (1)
    • SC563LHULTRC
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