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Datasheet Analog Devices ADM1186-2ARQZ

Manufacturer:Analog Devices
Part Number:ADM1186-2ARQZ

Quad Voltage Up and Down Sequencer and Monitor with Programmable Timing


Other Names: ADM11862ARQZ, ADM1186 2ARQZ

Data Sheet
FEATURES Quad Voltage Up and Down Sequencer and Monitor with Programmable Timing ADM1186
The ADM1186-1 and ADM1186-2 are integrated, four-channel voltage monitoring and sequencing devices. A 2.7 V to 5.5 V power supply is required on the VCC pin for power. Four precision comparators, VIN1 to VIN4, monitor four voltage rails. All four comparators share a 0.6 V reference and have a worst-case accuracy of 0.8%. Resistor networks that are external to the VIN1, VIN2, VIN3, and VIN4 pins set the undervoltage (UV) trip points for the monitored supply rails. The ADM1186-1 and ADM1186-2 have four open-drain enable outputs, OUT1 to OUT4, that are used to enable power supplies. An open-drain power-good output, PWRGD, indicates whether the four VINx inputs are above their UV thresholds. A state machine monitors the state of the UP and DOWN pins on the ADM1186-1 or the UP/DOWN pin on the ADM1186-2 to control the supply sequencing direction (see Figure 2). In the WAIT START state, a rising edge transition on the UP or UP/DOWN pin triggers a power-up sequence. A falling edge transition on the DOWN or UP/DOWN pin in the POWER-UP DONE state triggers a power-down sequence. Powered from 2.7 V to 5.5 V on the VCC pin Monitors four supplies via 0.8% accurate comparators Digital core supports up and down supply sequencing Multiple devices can be cascaded (ADM1186-1) Four inputs can be programmed to monitor different voltage levels with resistor dividers Capacitor programmable supply sequence time delays and a timeout delay to 5% accuracy at 25°C Four open-drain enable outputs Open-drain power-good output Open-drain sequence complete pin and bidirectional open-drain fault pin (ADM1186-1 only) APPLICATIONS
Monitor and alarm functions Up and down power supply sequencing Telecommunicatio...

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