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Datasheet Analog Devices ADP5034AREZ-R7

Manufacturer:Analog Devices
Part Number:ADP5034AREZ-R7

Dual 3 MHz, 1200mA Buck Regulator with Two 300 mA LDOs


Other Names: ADP5034AREZR7, ADP5034AREZ R7

Data Sheet
Main input voltage range: 2.3 V to 5.5 V Two 1200 mA buck regulators and two 300 mA LDOs 24-lead, 4 mm Ч 4 mm LFCSP or 28-lead TSSOP package Regulator accuracy: ±1.8% Factory programmable or external adjustable VOUTx 3 MHz buck operation with forced PWM and auto PWM/PSM modes BUCK1/BUCK2: output voltage range from 0.8 V to 3.8 V LDO1/LDO2: output voltage range from 0.8 V to 5.2 V LDO1/LDO2: input supply voltage from 1.7 V to 5.5 V LDO1/LDO2: high PSRR and low output noise Dual 3 MHz, 1200 mA Buck Regulators with Two 300 mA LDOs ADP5034
regulators operate in PWM mode when the load is above a predefined threshold. When the load current falls below a predefined threshold, the regulator operates in power save mode (PSM), improving the light load efficiency. Table 1. Family Models
Model ADP5023 ADP5024 ADP5034 ADP5037 ADP5033 Channels 2 Buck,1 LDO 2 Buck,1 LDO 2 Buck,2 LDOs 2 Buck,2 LDOs 2 Buck,2 LDOs with 2 EN pins Maximum Current 800 mA, 300 mA 1.2 A, 300 mA 1.2 A, 300 mA 800 mA, 300 mA 800 mA, 300 mA Package LFCSP (CP-24-10) LFCSP (CP-24-10) LFCSP (CP-24-10), TSSOP (RE-28-1) LFCSP (CP-24-10) WLCSP (CB-16-8) APPLICATIONS
Power for processors, ASICS, FPGAs, and RF chipsets Portable instrum...

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