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Datasheet Maxim MAX4172EUA

Part Number:MAX4172EUA

Low-Cost, Precision, High-Side Current-Sense Amplifier


Manufacturer's Classification

Analog > Amplifiers

MAX4172 Low-Cost, Precision, High-Side
Current-Sense Amplifier General Description The MAX4172 is a low-cost, precision, high-side currentsense amplifier for portable PCs, telephones, and other
systems where battery/DC power-line monitoring is critical.
High-side power-line monitoring is especially useful in
battery-powered systems, since it does not interfere with
the battery charger’s ground path. Wide bandwidth and
ground-sensing capability make the device suitable for
closed-loop battery-charger and general-purpose currentsource applications. The 0 to 32V input common-mode
range is independent of the supply voltage, which ensures
that current-sense feedback remains viable, even when
connected to a battery in deep discharge. Benefits and Features ●● Ideal for High-Side Monitoring 3V to 32V Supply Operation ±0.5% Typical Full-Scale Accuracy Over Temperature High Accuracy +2V to +32V Common-Mode
Range, Functional Down to 0V, Independent of
Supply Voltage 800kHz Bandwidth [VSENSE = 100mV (1C)] 200kHz Bandwidth [VSENSE = 6.25mV (C/16)]
●● Minimizes Board Space Requirements μMAX and SO Packages To provide a high level of flexibility, the MAX4172 functions
with an external sense resistor to set the range of load
current to be monitored. It has a current output that can
be converted to a ground-referred voltage with a single
resistor, accommodating a wide range of battery voltages
and c...

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