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Datasheet Linear Technology LT6375AHDF#PBF

Manufacturer:Linear Technology
Part Number:LT6375AHDF#PBF

±270V Common Mode Voltage Difference Amplifier


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    LT6375 - ±270V Common Mode Voltage Difference Amplifier
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    ±270V Common Mode
    Voltage Difference Amplifier
    FEATURES DESCRIPTION ±270V Common Mode Voltage Range
    nn 97dB Minimum CMRR (LT6375A)
    nn 0.0035% (35ppm) Maximum Gain Error (LT6375A)
    nn 1ppm/°C Maximum Gain Error Drift
    nn 2ppm Maximum Gain Nonlinearity
    nn Wide Supply Voltage Range: 3.3V to 50V
    nn Rail-to-Rail Output
    nn 350µA Supply Current
    nn Selectable Internal Resistor Divider Ratio
    nn 300µV Maximum Offset Voltage (LT6375A)
    nn 575kHz –3dB Bandwidth (Resistor Divider = 7)
    nn 375kHz –3dB Bandwidth (Resistor Divider = 20)
    nn –40°C to 125°C Specified Temperature Range
    nn Low Power Shutdown: 20μA (DFN Package Only)
    nn Space-Saving MSOP and DFN Packages The LT®6375 is a unity-gain difference amplifier which
    combines excellent DC precision, a very high input common
    mode range and a wide supply voltage range. It includes a
    precision op amp and a highly-matched thin film resistor
    network. It features excellent CMRR, extremely low gain
    error and extremely low gain drift. nn APPLICATIONS High Side or Low Side Current Sensing ...

Eco Plan



Number of Channels1
GBW0.575 MHz
Is0.35 mA
SR2.4 V/µs
Vos0.12 mV
Vs Max50 V
Vs Min3 V


Package4x4 DFN-14
Package CodeDF

Manufacturer's Classification

Signal Conditioning > Operational Amplifiers (Op Amps) > Difference Amplifiers | Low Power Amplifiers (Is< 1mA)
Space & Harsh Environment > Extended Temperature Plastic (H & MP) > Extended Temperature (H & MP) Op Amps

Other Names: LT6375AHDFPBF, LT6375AHDF PBF

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