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  1. Jay Davis EDN All too often, we electrical engineers are under the gun to get a circuit working now, and don’t have the luxury of ordering parts and waiting even a day. The problem: loose parts in the tool box can be nearly impossible to read ...
  2. Haifeng Fan, Texas Instruments Introduction The demand for boost regulators has increased recently due to emerging applications in automotive, industrial and consumer marketplaces. Examples of new applications include emergency call (eCall) ...
    Supply · Power » Texas Instruments » LM5001, LM5022, LM5121, LM5122, TPS60150
  3. Haifeng Fan, Texas Instruments Part 1 Non-synchronous versus synchronous rectification Figure 7. Synchronous boost regulator. The DC/DC switching regulators shown in the previous examples are all non-synchronous in which a rectifier diode is used. ...
    Supply · Power » Texas Instruments » LM5001, LM5022, LM5121, LM5122, TPS60150
  4. Inexpensive PCB prtotype service ($2 for 10 PCBs prototype) JLCPCB is a very cheap PCB prototype manufacturer for 10 PCBs 10 × 10 cm double-sided PCBs with a cost of only $2 excluding shipping charges. You can check your own quotes by ...
  5. Anthony Gioeli Electronic Design What's true and what's not when it comes to fingerprint sensors and multifactor authentication on mobile devices? It seems a day can't go by without a story in the news about hacking. As more and more of ...
  6. Michael Dunn EDN As part of the LEDification of my house, I’m designing some wall-lighting sconces. The plan is to place an array of LED strips on the walls, covered with translucent (or in some cases, opaque!) Plexiglas plates mounted a few ...
  7. By Pinkesh Sachde, Linear Technology Introduction Battery-powered electronics poses multiple challenges to the power system engineer. At a theoretical level, the battery related circuitry (before DC/DC conversion) may be divided into four ...
    Power » Linear Technology » LTC4231
  8. Martin Rowe EDN Wires and cables can be a nightmare. We all have too many of them, whether they're computer cables, AC mains power cords, USB cables, extension cords, and so on. Keeping them organized is always a problem. Keeping clip leads ...
  9. Alan Walsh, Analog Devices Precision measurement is extending into application areas that require greater and greater power efficiency. This is particularly true with the advent of IoT, which is driving greater need for wireless sensor nodes with ...
    ADC, DAC · Supply » Analog Devices » AD7980, ADP5300, ADP7118
  10. Alan Walsh, Analog Devices Part 1 If the ADC throughput is reduced to 10 kSPS then the current consumption of the ADC scales linearly down to 15 uA (factor of ~100) and correspondingly, the switching frequency ripple of the ADP5300 scales to 46.5 ...
    ADC, DAC · Supply » Analog Devices » AD7980, ADP5300, ADP7118
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