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  1. By Jin-Woo Han Meyya Meyyappan IEEE Spectrum This curious mash-up of vacuum tube and MOSFET could one day replace traditional silicon In September 1976, in the midst of the Cold War, Victor Ivanovich Belenko, a disgruntled Soviet pilot, veered off ...
  2. Vishay Intertechnology is broadening its optoelectronics portfolio with the introduction of two new SurfLight™ high-speed infrared (IR) emitting diodes in compact 3.2 mm by 1.6 mm by 1.1 mm surface-mount, top-view packages. Based on Vishay's ...
    News » Vishay » VSMY12850, VSMY12940
  3. CSR plc announces the launch of Quatro 5500 , an integrated system on chip (SOC) that enables a new generation of workgroup multifunction printers (MFPs) to seamlessly print documents from mobile devices, the cloud and traditional PCs and servers ...
    News » CSR » Quatro 5500
  4. CSR plc announced that its CSRmesh® technology has been used by SK Telecom to enable the world’s first range of smart LED lightbulbs which also function as Bluetooth® Smart beacons networked together using CSRmesh. The intelligent ...
    News » CSR » CSR1010
  5. Dexter Johnson IEEE Spectrum An international team of researchers from Germany and the US have fabricated for the first time a field effect transistor made of black-arsenic phosphorus. Crystals of semiconducting black arsenic phosphorus. Photo: ...
  6. LED Times Litecool has produced LED packages using a new dielectric material that has a thermal conductivity of 1000 W/mK 3 times higher than copper and 30 times better than alumina ceramic. Dielectrics are used within LED packages to isolate ...
  7. LED Times Litecool has produced LED packages in a vertical orientation rather than horizontal. a minor impact on the thermal performance of the LED package and allow the heat to escape more effectively through the metallic parts of the package. ...
  8. NXP Semiconductors releas medium-power general-purpose transistors with solderable sidepads in DFN2020D-3 (SOT1061D). The 23 new types with Vceo values of 20-80 V offer a collector current of 1-2 A on just a 2×2 mm small footprint. All types ...
    News » NXP » DFN2020D-3
  9. Vishay Intertechnology introduced a new series of mini radial-leaded positive temperature coefficient (PTC) sensing thermistors. Featuring tiny 4.0 mm body diameters, a wide range of well-defined temperature levels from +80 C to +150 C, and ...
    News » Vishay » PTCSL03
  10. Vishay Intertechnology released new bidirectional symmetrical (BiSy) ESD protection diodes in the compact SOT-323 package. Measuring only 2.3 mm by 2.1 mm with a low 0.95 mm profile, the space-saving Vishay Semiconductors single-line VLIN26A1-03G ...
    News » Vishay » VLIN26A1-03G, VCAN26A2-03G

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