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Datasheet Linear Technology LTC6752IMS8-2#TRPBF

Manufacturer:Linear Technology
Series:LTC6752, LTC6752-1, LTC6752-2, LTC6752-3, LTC6752-4
Part Number:LTC6752IMS8-2#TRPBF

280 MHz, 2.9 ns Comparator Family with Rail-to-Rail Inputs and CMOS Outputs


Manufacturer's Classification:

Signal Conditioning > Comparators High Speed > Comparators

Other Names: LTC6752IMS8-2TRPBF, LTC6752IMS8-2 TRPBF, LTC6752IMS82#TRPBF, LTC6752IMS8 2#TRPBF

LTC6752/LTC6752-1/ LTC6752-2/LTC6752-3/LTC6752-4 280MHz, 2.9ns Comparator Family with Rail-to-Rail Inputs and CMOS Outputs FEATURES DESCRIPTION
The LTC®6752 is a family of very high speed comparators capable of supporting toggle rates up to 280MHz. These comparators exhibit low propagation delays of 2.9ns, and fast rise/fall times of 1.2ns. There are a total of 5 members in the LTC6752 family, with different options for separate input...

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