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Datasheet Analog Devices AD8330ARQZ

Analog Devices AD8330ARQZ

Manufacturer:Analog Devices
Part Number:AD8330ARQZ

Low Cost, DC to 150 MHz Variable Gain Amplifier


Data Sheet
Fully differential signal path, also used with single-sided signals Inputs from 0.3 mV to 1 V rms, rail-to-rail outputs Differential RIN = 1 k; ROUT (each output) 75 Automatic offset compensation (optional) Linear-in-dB and linear-in-magnitude gain modes 0 dB to 50 dB, for 0 V < VDBS < 1.5 V (30 mV/dB) Inverted gain mode: 50 dB to 0 dB at -30 mV/dB Ч0.03 to Ч10 nominal gain for 15 mV < VMAG < 5 V Constant bandwidth: 150 MHz at all gains Low noise: 5 nV/Hz typical at maximum gain Low distortion: ...

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