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Datasheet TK12A50D(Q) - Toshiba MOSFET, N CH, 500 V, 12 A, SC-67

Toshiba TK12A50D(Q)

Part Number: TK12A50D(Q)

Manufacturer: Toshiba

Description: MOSFET, N CH, 500 V, 12 A, SC-67

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Manufacturer CatalogueManufacturer Catalogue

Toshiba HV Mosfets
Key product families:
DTMOS : Super Junction style MOSFET -> lower RDS(on) & Qg -MOS VII : Standard MOSFET -> with low Qg and capacitance
New naming system:
Partnumber TK: Nch-MOS TJ: Pch-MOS


  • Current Id Max: 12 A
  • Drain Source Voltage Vds: 500 V
  • On State Resistance: 520 MOhm
  • Rds(on) Test Voltage Vgs: 10 V
  • Transistor Case Style: TO-220SIS
  • Transistor Polarity: N Channel

RoHS: Yes


  • Fischer Elektronik - FK 243 MI 247 O
  • Fischer Elektronik - SK 145/25 STS-220

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