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Search results: 354   Output: 31-40   Including: frequency (294); meter (88).
  1. .. the early stages of a PLL system design. The phase locked loop (PLL) is a negative feedback system that locks the phase and frequency of a higher frequency device (usually a voltage controlled oscillator, VCO) whose phase and frequency ...
  2. .. on- and off-times result in higher harmonic content due to the faster switch transitions. For every doubling in switching frequency the EMI becomes 6 dB worse when all other parameters, such as switch capacity and transition times, ...
  3. .. budget while starting an RF design. The link budget considers range, transmit power, receiver sensitivity, antenna gains, frequency, reliability, propagation medium (which includes the principles of physics linked to reflection, ...
    Circuits » Wireless · Radio · Application Notes » Microchip » MRF24J40, MRF24J40MA, MRF24J40MB, MRF24J40MC
  4. .. microcontroller-generated pulse-width-modulated (PWM) signals have a response that is typically a tenth of the PWM frequency. This Design Idea is a novel implementation of a previously published method [ 1 ] employing a ...
  5. .. drawback in terms of overall system cost, efficiency and thermal management when the system works at a high switching frequency. If the die-size is bigger, device's intrinsic capacitances and switching losses are higher. However, ...
  6. .. a sudden loss of data or information caused by a power supply disconnection (blackout). Power and voltage spikes, supply frequency changes, noise and radio frequency interference affect negatively the load. In figure, the basic ...
    Circuits » Supply · Application Notes » STMicroelectronics » STP90N55F4, STP110N55F6
  7. .. to low supply voltages. It could be used as the basis for a PWM control loop, a timer, or a VCO, or as a capacitance-to-frequency converter. It’s a nifty circuit for two reasons: It uses an open-drain comparator output to make ...
    Circuits » Oscillators » TS12011, TS12012
  8. .. has required dedicated semiconductor switching devices from both cost and performance standpoints. Although the operating frequency of IGBT is limited to the several tens of kHz due to its inevitably large tail current loss, it is very ...
    Circuits » Supply · Power · Application Notes » Fairchild » FGA50S110P, FGA15S125P, FGA20S120M, FGA20S125P, FGA25S125P, FGH30S130P, FGA30S120P, FGA20S140P
  9. .. Note CN-0320 December 2013 This circuit is a flexible, frequency agile, direct conversion IF-tobaseband receiver. A fixed conversion gain of 5 dB reduces the cascaded ...
    Circuits » Radio · Application Notes » Analog Devices » ADRF6510, ADRF6801, AD9248
  10. .. inversion in the physical layer before transmission and after reception. With today’s vast selection of radio frequency (RF) transceivers and baseband processors, it is easy to imagine how one could come across a set of RF ...
    Circuits » Wireless · Application Notes » Maxim » MAX2547, MAX2548, MAX2550, MAX2551, MAX2553, MAX2557, MAX2597, MAX2598, MAX2599
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