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Search for: "frequency meter"
Search results: 455   Output: 31-40   Including: frequency (390); meter (98).
  1. .. they use have switches to two or more windings and possibly a capacitor to reduce the drive current. But unless the drive frequency is also reduced, the torque and speed stability are poor, so minimal speed reduction is usually ...
    Circuits » Supply · Digital » Texas Instruments » 74HCT191, CD4070B
  2. .. Colman EDN In many applications, the frequency-conversion steps comprise a buffer, preferably with some extra voltage gain; a mixer; and some ...
  3. .. to maintain control during an output short-circuit condition, especially at very high input voltage with extremely high-frequency ICs. A single-transistor approach protects the SEPIC circuit from short-circuit fault conditions by ...
  4. .. as a small FM receiver. There are several low-cost switch-mode ICs, and three widely available ICs with identical switching frequency, output voltage, L-C values, and load resistance were bench-evaluated for this application: the LM3524, ...
    Circuits » Supply · Radio · Light · Solar » ON Semiconductor » MC34063
  5. .. This current is necessary to track the RF-modulation envelope and depends on the size of the input capacitor, modulation frequency, and maximum signal amplitude. The reverse current, which is I BASE times the reverse beta, must be ...
    .. levels and that the 2N3904 has a bit less offset, as you would expect from Figure 2. The output can drive a signal level meter or following electronics as part of an automatic-level-control or automatic-gain-control loop. Figure 4. Using ...
  6. .. comparator’s output goes high, an audio-relaxation oscillator built around the other half of U1 is also enabled. The frequency of this oscillator is adjusted by R8 and C3 to be in the audio range (1300 Hz for the values ...
    .. available; one good choice is Audio Test set [ 2 ] from Darkwood Designs. This free software also incorporates a level meter which measures the input-voltage level applied to the mic/line input of the computer’s sound card (Fig. ...
  7. .. bridge is a cumbersome process. Figure 1. A simple VFC uses its internal reference to produce a serial pulse train whose frequency is inversely proportional to unknown capacitance CX. Options for measuring the VFC’s output ...
  8. .. have long cycles because of the large 216 countdown modulus of 16-bit timers and comparators. This situation results in ac-frequency components as inconveniently slow as 100 or 200 Hz. With such low ripple frequencies, if you employ ...
  9. .. from IC 1 overcomes this low gain and thereby ensures linear operation. The low speed of the anorexic MAX406 op amp limits frequency response to a less than blazing figure, but the circuit is nonetheless capable of operating at 1 kHz, a ...
  10. .. passive components except for the 5-mW resistor R S , which is manufactured with calibrated wire of well-known ohms/meter characteristics. Materials on the topic Datasheet Microsemi 2N2060 Datasheet Microsemi 2N3810
    Circuits » Analogue Design · Measurement » Microsemi » 2N2060, 2N3810
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