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Search for: "frequency meter"
Search results: 440   Output: 31-40   Including: frequency (376); meter (97).
  1. .. of required controller ICs. The LT8331 achieves both of these goals with an integrated 140 V, 500 mA switch, programmable frequency, ultra-quiescent current and light load Burst Mode® operation. High voltage applications are easily ...
  2. .. consumption patterns, or thermal gradients. To do that, we alternate the polarity of the stimulus current at a very low frequency and make the voltage measurement in a synchronous manner. This isolates the tiny useful signal against ...
  3. .. such as the 4017/4022, or 74HC4017 (Figure 2). This is driven with a clock signal equal to the converters' operating frequency times the number of converters. Connect the first unused counter output to its RES/MR (master reset) ...
  4. .. implementation functions as a monostable triggered by both the rising and the falling edges, enabling it to function as a frequency doubler for generating strobe pulses on rising and falling clock edges. You can make any inverting-gate ...
    Circuits » Digital » Fairchild » NC7SZ57, NC7SZ58
  5. .. such as testing, calibration, and general system operation, often require a sine waveform of accurate amplitude and frequency, with low THD (total harmonic distortion). Some applications demand that the generator of such ...
    Circuits » Oscillators » NXP » 74HC4046, 74HC4060, MAX297
  6. .. or currents. So I had to build my inductance meter myself. Figure 1. Inductance meter in action. It displays the resonance frequency together with the inductance The basic design is really simple (Figure 2). It a colpitts oscillator ...
    .. Arduino Uno that lets you measure inductance. This is a functionality that I found missing in just about any digital multi meter. Yes, there are specialized LCR meters that let you measure inductance but they typically won’t measure ...
  7. .. range desired. The LMC555 CMOS timer converts the photocurrent from the BPW21R into a transistor-transistor-level (TTL) frequency source (10 Hz to 100 kHz). Any other equivalent timer IC can also be used, but component quality is ...
  8. .. Murphy EDN Thanks to its property of applying an equal amount of delay to all frequencies below its cutoff frequency, the Bessel linear-phase filter sees service in audio applications in which it's necessary to remove ...
  9. .. The built-in 14 V output voltage clamp prevents damage in the case of an accidental open LED string. The default switching frequency of the LTM8040 is 500 kHz, but switching frequencies to 2 MHz can be set with a resistor from the RT ...
  10. .. V. With C 1 holding Input A low, IC 1 temporarily becomes an inverter and forms a simple astable relaxation oscillator at a frequency that C 2 and R 2 determine. The square-wave signal at IC 1 's output drives switching transistor Q 2 . ...
    Circuits » Supply · Light » Fairchild » NC7SV57
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