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Search for: "frequency meter"
Search results: 382   Output: 31-40   Including: frequency (320); meter (90).
  1. .. the four-quadrant converter. NFET, MN and PFET, MP are operated out of phase from one another and at a constant switching frequency. Current mode control is used (not shown) to modulate the duty cycle of MN as needed. Figure 1. ...
  2. .. scans the ADC inputs. Because the discs have a high capacitance, the voltage changes very slowly, and a fast scan frequency is not required. In my specific application, there was a voltage measurement every 1 ms, so each disc ...
  3. .. losses are minimized. The reduction in power losses allows the converter to operate at a relatively high switching frequency, which in turn, allows the use of a smaller transformer than would be required at a lower operating ...
  4. .. converters (ADCs) and digital-to-analog converters (DACs), digital signal processors (DSPs), audio/ video, radio frequency, and many other mixed signal ICs. Essentially, any IC containing some analog input/output with a ...
    Circuits » Supply · Application Notes · Digital » Analog Devices » AD7621, AD7622, AD7623, AD7641, AD7643, AD7654, AD7794
  5. .. the Q (quality factor) of a resonant circuit, crystal, or resonator by measuring its series resistance at the resonance frequency. The Q is linked to the series resistance by two simple equations (R S is the series resistance, L and ...
    .. simple equations (R S is the series resistance, L and C the reactive elements and F R their resonance frequency): This Q-meter is unusual on more than one count: it is capable of displaying directly the value of the series resistance, and ...
  6. .. Circuit. At high voltage, the switching losses of the MOSFETs and the inductor outweigh conduction losses. The switching frequency is set to 200 kHz to minimize switching losses while maintaining small solution size. Running at full ...
    Circuits » Supply · Light · Power » Linear Technology » LT3743, LT3763
  7. .. employs a controlled constant on-time, valley current mode architecture to provide fast load step response, high switching frequency and low duty cycle capability. The switching frequency range is 200 kHz to 2 MHz-its phase-locked loop ...
  8. .. Ambrose, MSI Electronic Design Although quite a few direct digital synthesis (DDS) ICs can generate high-frequency sine waves, their complexity excludes them from many designs. However, designers can use simple ...
    Circuits » Oscillators · Digital » MSI » MSHFS6
  9. .. and discharged, but to measure high value capacitors, R8 cannot be decreased too much. The best way is to decrease the frequency for example, using a 4060 , and selecting the appropriate output. Then, the fine adjustment may be done ...
    .. Casanellas EDN This Design Idea presents a very accurate, yet very inexpensive, capacitance meter. It was specifically designed for measurements of low value capacitance with an accuracy of better than 1 pF ...
  10. .. at 2 MHz It is well known that higher switching frequencies allow for smaller solution sizes. In fact, a 2 MHz switching frequency is often used in automotive applications to avoid the AM band and minimize solution footprint. High ...
    Circuits » Supply · Power » Linear Technology » LT8610, LT8611
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