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Search for: "frequency meter"
Search results: 368   Output: 31-40   Including: frequency (306); meter (90).
  1. .. circuit is easy to determine, even visually. This method has been used at least as far back as 1978 on the HP3582A Low Frequency Spectrum Analyzer [ 1 ]. The “modern” way to generate white noise is to use a digital ...
  2. .. family, but it's neither. At its heart, it's a self-adjusting monostable that will convert digital signals over a 5:1 frequency range to accurate square waves. In applications where you need a pulse output with a 50% duty cycle, ...
  3. .. it to act like a leaky capacitor. Still, a solar cell can be used in some oscillator ciruits to achieve a widely tunable frequency. Figure 1. Light-controlled Pierce oscillator. A Pierce oscillator was implemented using a BS170 MOSFET ...
  4. .. area and works as follows. Monostable multivibrator IC3a and flip-flop IC2b form a simple rate detector which monitors the frequency of the signal at B. Faster rotation of the encoder increases the signal's frequency and decreases its ...
  5. .. EDN Using only six components, you can configure a circuit (Figure 1) whose output voltage is proportional to its input frequency. Moreover, only three of the components capacitor C O , resistor R, and the OP-07 op amp must exhibit ...
  6. .. the differential level of the output signals to be adjusted while maintaining their peak-to-peak levels. The amplitude and frequency are adjusted via the signal generator. Figure 2. AD8138 drives CAN transceiver. Operating from a single ...
  7. .. dimensions D, g, and h. Second, the quality factor, Q, of a coil with given values of D, g, h, and ρ and an angular frequency of w=2πF is a constant value:
  8. .. of approximately 125 msec is suitable for the human rate of pushing the button. The values of R1 through R3 set the astable frequency or the one-shot’s pulse width. The 220-kΩ resistor at the input of the second gate is ...
  9. .. both diodes in the half-wave rectifier. Figure 2. Theoretical V IN -V OUT characteristic of the amplifier. Ci serves as a frequency compensation of gain. Only one half of the quad op-amp is used for the circuit, leaving two amplifiers ...
  10. .. In this example, I needed to square up a respiration signal, which can exhibit wide variations in amplitude and frequency, along with a wandering baseline. Presented here is an adaptive super-Schmitt, with many adjustable ...
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