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Search for: "frequency meter"
Search results: 446   Output: 31-40   Including: frequency (382); meter (97).
  1. .. passive components except for the 5-mW resistor R S , which is manufactured with calibrated wire of well-known ohms/meter characteristics. Materials on the topic Datasheet Microsemi 2N2060 Datasheet Microsemi 2N3810
    Circuits » Analogue Design · Measurement » Microsemi » 2N2060, 2N3810
  2. .. compensation easier. The GBW of U2 must be high enough to avoid adding additional poles in the loop gain. The switching frequency is 50 kHz, so that the power loss of the MOSFET and D1 is low enough to make a heat sink unnecessary. ...
  3. .. could be used that has a 1 amp or greater rating. The second half of the opamp (opamp-2) is used to monitor the output frequency to the transistor, this is done by a 100K resistor off opamp-1 output into a 1 µF cap, ...
    Circuits » Allegro » UGN3503U
  4. .. at a supersonic rate for instance, 25 kHz. The rate that the oscillation is switched off and on is called the quench frequency. This frequency should be above the limit of human hearing, but otherwise as low as possible. High ...
    .. from the form. The coil is tapped one half turn from the 9 volt supply side to make a connection for the antenna. A one meter long wire antenna is sufficient. The 0.04 to 6 pF capacitor is used to tune in stations. The tuner needs an ...
    Circuits » Radio » NXP » BF245
  5. .. all regions of operation with a single sense resistor. This new generation buck-boost LED driver features spread spectrum frequency modulation and internally generated PWM dimming, which work together. The LT8391 has flicker-free PWM ...
  6. .. pA, circuit loading is essentially inconsequential (OS) for source impedances approaching a gigaohm. The useful full-swing frequency response is over 20 kHz. Conclusion The LTC6090 is a unique and versatile high voltage CMOS amplifier ...
    Circuits » Analogue Design · High Voltage · Measurement » Linear Technology » LTC6090, LT5400, LT6654, LT8300, CMHZ4697
  7. .. of required controller ICs. The LT8331 achieves both of these goals with an integrated 140 V, 500 mA switch, programmable frequency, ultra-quiescent current and light load Burst Mode® operation. High voltage applications are easily ...
  8. .. consumption patterns, or thermal gradients. To do that, we alternate the polarity of the stimulus current at a very low frequency and make the voltage measurement in a synchronous manner. This isolates the tiny useful signal against ...
  9. .. such as the 4017/4022, or 74HC4017 (Figure 2). This is driven with a clock signal equal to the converters' operating frequency times the number of converters. Connect the first unused counter output to its RES/MR (master reset) ...
  10. .. implementation functions as a monostable triggered by both the rising and the falling edges, enabling it to function as a frequency doubler for generating strobe pulses on rising and falling clock edges. You can make any inverting-gate ...
    Circuits » Digital » Fairchild » NC7SZ57, NC7SZ58
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