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Search for: "frequency meter"
Search results: 410   Output: 31-40   Including: frequency (347); meter (92).
  1. .. to allow for enough common mode termination and an input referred voltage noise of 1.1 nV/√Hz. Filter Design High frequency pipeline ADCs digitize an enormous bandwidth of information. The LTC2270 exhibits a full power ...
  2. .. IC 1D functions as a clock generator, and counter IC 6B functions as a divide-by-eight counter that divides the clock frequency. That signal drives IC 4D , which acts as a buffer to drive transistor Q 1 . To understand how the ...
    Circuits » Automation » 74HC393, 74HC175, OPB704
  3. .. so you must convert it to the rms value if necessary. You can also use this circuit as a clock line because the output frequency is independent of the duty cycle. The output is consistently 60 Hz, and you can use it for timekeeping. ...
  4. .. parameters. Dual uModule Regulator with Precision READ/WRITE of Power Parameters The LTM4676 is a dual 13 A output constant frequency switching mode DC/DC uModule (micromodule) regulator (Figure 1). In addition to delivering power at a ...
  5. .. input (4.5 V to 32 V) power source. It can switch between high efficiency Burst Mode® operation and low noise constant frequency mode, making it attractive for both portable and noise-sensitive applications. The LTC3260 is available ...
  6. .. using PSpice transient analysis of the circuit, with the ac input source set for V AMPL = 2 V, V OFF = 2.3 V and frequency of 1 kHz. In this case, V I_MIN = 0.3 V and the transient analysis shows a clipping at the bottom of ...
  7. .. drawing only 70 uA quiescent current in user-programmable Burst Mode® operation. Its peak current mode, constant frequency PWM architecture provides positive control of inductor current, easy loop compensation and superior ...
  8. .. gated with the clock using the AND1 gate, generating an RZ waveform (Figure 2b). The RZ signal clocks a D-FF connected as a frequency divider. The RZ signal is then gated with the Q and /Q outputs of the flip-flop, separating alternating ...
  9. .. by a suitable choice for the gain of the amplifier DA1-1. It can be calculated by This is correct within the operational frequency range only. This device has excellent response speed. It is less than one half-wave of the signal. ...
  10. .. radiated emissions, which are proportional to this area, to the value of the current, and to the square of the current frequency, and they may disturb the circuit itself and the measuring equipment.
    Circuits » Measurement · Power » Texas Instruments » OPA277, IRF530
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