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Search for: "frequency meter"
Search results: 346   Output: 31-40   Including: frequency (286); meter (87).
  1. .. Note CN-0320 December 2013 This circuit is a flexible, frequency agile, direct conversion IF-tobaseband receiver. A fixed conversion gain of 5 dB reduces the cascaded ...
    Circuits » Radio · Application Notes » Analog Devices » ADRF6510, ADRF6801, AD9248
  2. .. inversion in the physical layer before transmission and after reception. With today’s vast selection of radio frequency (RF) transceivers and baseband processors, it is easy to imagine how one could come across a set of RF ...
    Circuits » Wireless · Application Notes » Maxim » MAX2547, MAX2548, MAX2550, MAX2551, MAX2553, MAX2557, MAX2597, MAX2598, MAX2599
  3. .. most realize. Take, for example, the smart grid with smart meters. Every day utilities are installing a shiny new smart meter on our house and encouraging us to take control of our energy future. We are to monitor and report consumption ...
    Circuits » Automation · Application Notes » Maxim » MAX11040K, MAXQ1050
  4. .. a trim potentiometer can be added to the midpoint of R2/R3. With the values shown, the pulse-width modulation (PWM) frequency is approximately 45 kHz, which can be modified by changing C3. The power MOSFETs and inductor must be ...
  5. .. of the PCB layers dielectric constant and the proximity to other objects. These parameters affect the actual centre frequency, gain and bandwidth of the antenna. Download Application Note (715 Kb) Efficiency vs. Bandwidth
    Circuits » Wireless · Radio · Application Notes » Abracon » AMCA31, AMCA52, AMCA62, AMCA72, AMCA81, AMCA92
  6. .. cell is used to power the device and as a light sensor. The output of the described circuit is a square-wave pulse whose frequency is proportional to the light intensity. The circuit does not require a battery to operate and ...
  7. .. Experiments were performed with a single solar cell of diameter D=7.5 cm positioned horizontally on a desk located 1 meter from a window. Although it was sunny outside, practically no direct sunlight passed through the window. Under ...
  8. .. parameters when considering clock distribution timing budgets. Jitter is a time domain parameter while phase noise is its frequency domain equivalent. There are several technical jitter definitions and terms to introduce before we ...
  9. .. and narrower SiGe HBT base and a heavier doped base. As a result, lower base resistance, lower noise and higher cut off frequency can be achieved. The BFU730F is one of a series of transistors made in SiGe:C. BFU710F , BFU730LX , ...
  10. .. together with associated components. The broadband amplifier blocks cover the whole UHF band. Amplifier bandwidth and base frequency is dependent on the Doherty combiner design. Several narrowband design versions of the Doherty combiner ...
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