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  1. Robert Bell EDN Figure 1 shows a simple, stand-alone overvoltage detector. The intent of the circuit is to monitor a voltage, V MON , and set the output, V OUT , high when the monitored voltage exceeds a preset threshold. The minimum allowable ...
    Circuits » Supply » Texas Instruments » TL431, TLV431
  2. Dennis Eichenberg EDN The circuit in Figure 1 represents a simple and inexpensive way to provide additional bicycling safety. A conventional bicycle-generator lighting system works with the circuit to provide safety lighting for several minutes ...
  3. Frank Cox, Linear Technology Linear Technology Magazine The circuit in Figure 1 is a 1 kHz 8th order Butterworth highpass filter built with the LTC1068-200, a switched capacitor filter (SCF) building block. In the past, commercially available ...
  4. Matt Kornblum EDN The circuit in Figure 1 converts a 10 V analog voltage representing an angle between θ MIN and θ MAX and emits a voltage equal to 10 cosθ. This circuit can have an accuracy of better than 1% over 120 or better ...
  5. John R Ambrose EDN Demodulators, directional circuits, and other electronics applications often need two sine waves with a 90 difference in phase a sine wave and its cosine wave. Engineers typically use analog filters to create the phase shift. ...
    Circuits » Oscillators » Texas Instruments » CD74HC390, SN74HC74
  6. Mark Cherry EDN Portable systems often include circuitry that derives power from an external source, such as USB. When the system disconnects from the USB supply, a battery takes over and supplies current via a dc/dc converter. A diode-OR ...
    Circuits » Supply » Maxim » MAX1703
  7. Dave Wuchinich EDN A typical piezoelectric sensor comprises a disk of PZT-5A ceramic material with metallized electrodes on its surfaces. Applying electrically conductive epoxy to the electrodes connects external wiring to the sensor. An insulating ...
  8. Stephen Woodward EDN The enduring simplicity of PWM DACs will always earn them a place in the designer’s cookbook, but slow response time and the problem of PWM ripple tend to limit their appeal and utility. The usual way of attenuating PWM ...
  9. Martin Rowe EDN When converting a negative-output power supply to one with less-negative output, you must ensure that variations in input voltage don’t affect the output voltage. All such supplies include an internal reference voltage that ...
    Circuits » Supply » Maxim » MAX668, MAX4322
  10. Catherine Chang, Linear Technology Design Note 1045 Introduction Precision high side measurement of microamp currents requires a small value sense resistor and a low offset voltage, ultralow-power amplifier. The LTC2063 zero-drift amplifier has a ...
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