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  1. .. are two reasons for this. If you look at the board layout you will see that this layout allows to either place SMD leds or LED stripes. So if I wanted to place some LED stripe with a common anode then I would need this setup. The other reason ...
  2. .. components, you can use a highly efficient step-down dc/dc converter to create a constant-current, multiple-channel LED driver. It is relatively easy to drive a single-channel LED; however, it becomes more complicated when driving ...
  3. .. employed in robotics and power electronics. This Design Idea is a novel implementation of this technique for driving white-LED arrays directly from the ac mains in full-wave current-limited mode to realize an excellent flicker-free, ...
  4. .. Baddi, Индия EDN You can use an LED as a photoelectric sensor. A previous Design Idea shows that such a switch is highly power-efficient, consuming ...
  5. .. here should prove useful. Figure 1. Q 1 and Q 2 function as a current source and push a constant current through the LED regardless of its forward voltage drop (within the compliant voltage limitations). The Schmitt inverter forms a ...
  6. .. project is pretty cool for a few reasons, and driving a huge LED matrix with a single 8-bit controller is just one of them. The idea was born when I bought 120 LEDs of the wrong ...
  7. .. (Walker) Bai, Linear Technology Design Note 508 Introduction The meaning of the term high power LED is rapidly evolving. Although a 350 mA LED could easily earn the stamp of high power a few years ago, it could not ...
    Circuits » Supply · Light · Power » Linear Technology » LT3743, LT3763
  8. .. circuit uses a 6-V DC supply with a PWM current-source configuration to provide efficient, adjustable dimming of a white LED over a wide range, needed to accommodate the unique lighting needs of an optical microscope over its magnification ...
  9. .. of LEDs with a constant current over the entire worldwide range of AC-mains voltages. The resistor in series with the LED string provides a convenient point to measure LED current via its voltage drop. The concept presented here ...
  10. .. and powered from a 5 volt DC supply. Figure 1. Constant current drive circuit. With a 500 millivolt minimum above VF of the LED die, this circuit allows control over the individual RGB die currents with a range from around 100 mA up to 1 amp. ...
    Circuits » Light · Power » CAT4101
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