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  1. The usual method for implementing the low-battery warning featured in most battery-operated equipment is to illuminate an LED. However, the LED exacerbates the low-battery condition. You can greatly reduce the LED's power consumption by operating ...
  2. Iron Cook Lithium batteries seem to be everywhere these days. We can find them in our cellphones, laptops, portable media players and etc. We all want to make our batteries last as long as possible, but some well intentioned advice from friends, ...
  3. When using rechargeable lithium-ion cells in large batteries, such as those in an electric vehicle, you encounter unique problems. Bus voltages greater than 100 V preclude the use of a standard IC for overcharge and overdischarge protection. In ...
  4. Many projects need a good clean +12 V at a couple of amps (like a small PC or a laptop) and although a car has a 12 V battery the actual voltage available is everything from 9 V to 16 V and there is plenty of dirt in the powerline as well, to to ...
  5. Power-supply applications require the use of a duty-cycle clamp. Such applications include those using current-sense transformers and two-switch forward converters. If a duty-cycle clamp is not present, the transformers could saturate, causing a ...
  6. Current version, in a cast aluminum junction box. This DC-DC converter is designed to accept a range of input voltages that are present in a car's electrical system, and provide a regulated 12 v output. Nominally, the battery voltage is about 13.8 ...
    Circuits » Automotive · Supply » UC3843
  7. Offline power supplies that drive loads of 200 W and more require inrush-current limiters. Unrestricted inrush currents can reach hundreds of amperes, which may damage the line rectifier, open the fuse and input-filter inductors, and damage the PFC ...
  8. APPLICATION NOTE STMicroelectronics 1. INTRODUCTION Lighting that uses halogen lamps is commonly found in residential environments, where it offers a warm light in comparison with that generated by fluorescent tubes, and greater efficiency than ...

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