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  1. Application Note TB3103 October 2013 Mihnea Rosu-Hamzescu This technical brief describes a synchronous buck power supply, based on the PIC16F753 using 100% analog control for output regulation. The implementation has the advantage of not using any ...
  2. This project is pretty cool for a few reasons, and driving a huge LED matrix with a single 8-bit controller is just one of them. The idea was born when I bought 120 LEDs of the wrong type, and decided to do something with them. With that many LEDs, ...
  3. .. by multiplexing [1-4] . A Some other Design Ideas use additional logic, which increases cost and size [5]. Figure 1. Two PIC pins drive six LEDs Note that VDD must be between 2V 3V: for example, if LED2 is ON (Table 1), LED4 and LED6 will ...
  4. .. an internal comparator with selectable values for the internal voltage reference V REF . The majority of Microchip 8-bit PIC microcontrollers in the mid-range family feature one or two internal comparators with just this. As a simple and ...
  5. .. Jimenez and Roberto Solorio Electronic Design This fast-executing program and simple circuit allows a PIC MCU to linearize a thermistor and accurately determine and display the temperature from its measured resistance. ...
    Circuits » Microcontrollers usage · Theory » LM103, PIC16F887
  6. RDS Encoder Home Software Schematics Support Order Back Schematics PIRA32 part list Mini RDS Encoder 3S Data cable PC - RDS encoder PIRA32 part list 1x DIL28 socket 1x DIL16 socket 3x DIL08 socket 1x 24LC256 1x Programmed microcontroller 1x ...
  7. .. HOME Typical circuit representative of those used in most light switch type digital timers. The timer module is normally a PIC or custom chip, and it syncs to the AC line so that a trigger pulse can be supplied at the right moment.   ...
  8. .. out of the water as soon as possible don't just look dumb at it while it's drowning, act fast ! Remove it from the water [pic.1].[pic.2] Even doe the phone was under water for only a few seconds the vibration function short circuited, ...
  9. .. a minimum fan speed, independent of temperature. The circuit is built with very few components, thanks to a low-cost PIC 16F676 microcontroller . This controller takes care of A/D conversion of the analog inputs, proper signal ...
  10. .. it until I was sure it was performing properly. Download: Schematic PCB (May 13, 05) Schematic PCB (May 2, 05) Here's a pic from the first prototype, an ugly thing on perfboard.. Here's a shot of it after I finished putting on all the ...
    Circuits » Automotive · Supply » UC3843
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