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  1. Wall Clock Governor Drivers - These were common before the advent of quartz controlled stepping motor clocks HOME Here is a very typical circuit: Optional Long Description and details go here:     HOME
  2. Sound Activateded Toys - A microphone drives circuits which run a small electric motor HOME This circuit makes a flower bop to the beat of music. The flower stem contains a crooked wire which is spun by the motor. The circuit is a microphone driven ...
  3. Bathroom Deoderizer Control - That box you see on the wall in public washrooms. HOME This is the type that has a little DC motor fan positioned above a small container containing a deoderant liquid or jelly, and runs off a D cell. The photocell ...
  4. Ceiling Fan Speed Control - For one of those 3 or 4 blade decorative fans. HOME This is a reasonably nice design.     HOME
  5. Color Organ Light - Flashes coloured christmas type lightbulbs to music. HOME This circuit works REALLY well. Notice how it will fire even in complete silence. This provides a sort of automatic gain control.     HOME
  6. Delayed Off Light Switch - Rated for use with incadescent loads. HOME This is an unusual design in that it uses plain metal gate CMOS logic instead of the usual PIC or a custom chip. The 22uF capacitor charges up during one half of the ac cycle, ...
  7. Deoderizer Fan Timer - A battery operated fan blows air accross a stinky pad. HOME For use in a bathroom or car. I've seen similar circuits used in plastic pot-pourri containers.     HOME
  8. Digital Timer Light Switch - Yup it goes in place of a light switch. HOME Typical circuit representative of those used in most light switch type digital timers. The timer module is normally a PIC or custom chip, and it syncs to the AC line so that ...
  9. Hand Clap Lamp/Appliance Control - Clap once for ON and twice for OFF I think. HOME What a way to drive a triac. This is the improved/redesigned version.     HOME
  10. 600W 120VAC Lamp Dimmer - Manufacturer did not bother to design in the usual choke. HOME This must generate an awfull lot of RFI without a choke! The house wiring supplies the di/dt limiting. This is a CHEAP design which exhibits hysterisys at dim ...
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