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  1. Shyam Sunder Tiwari EDN While JFETs are excellent devices for low-cost high-input impedance amplifiers, they do suffer from temperature-dependent gain drift (Figure 1). This problem can be ameliorated by setting the drain current to the zero-drift ...
    Circuits » Analogue Design » Analog Devices » AD8009, AD812, J309
  2. Adolfo Mondragon EDN Measurement of average power in a 60 Hz circuit (equivalent to V RMS × I RMS × cos(φ)) can be done by sampling the product of voltage and current and averaging. This requires four quadrant multiplication since ...
  3. Steve Hageman EDN Current models of spectrum analyzers routinely offer frequency responses that begin as low as 10 Hz. When you combine them with 1-Hz or narrower band FFT software, expanded low-frequency performance makes the modern spectrum ...
  4. Andrew Russell EDN The circuit in Figure 1a is a low-cost isolation amplifier for instrumentation applications that provides as much as 500 V of galvanic isolation between input and output. The amplifier uses only one small, low-cost transformer ...
    Circuits » Analogue Design · Measurement » NXP » LM385, BAV99
  5. Mark Thoren and Chad Steward, Linear Technology Design Note 538 Introduction Pulse width modulation (PWM) is a common technique for generating analog voltages from a digital device such as a microcontroller or FPGA. Most microcontrollers have ...
    Circuits » Analogue Design » Linear Technology » LTC2644, LTC2645, LTC3850
  6. Tyler Hutchison and Clarence Mayott, Linear Technology Design Note 1031 Introduction High speed ADCs use a sample and hold input structure comprising a fast CMOS switch and a sampling capacitor. When the CMOS switch closes, the sampling capacitor ...
  7. Anthony Smith EDN The simple current-limiting load switch shown in Figure 1 will be familiar to most readers. In this circuit, a high level signal applied to the input switches on MOSFET Q 2 , which energizes the load. The load current is limited ...
  8. Alex Rysin Electronic Design This idea analyzes the reason that a capacitively coupled load may result in a clipped negative output, and shows the conditions that must be met to avoid this undesired situation. An engineer asked me for help when he ...
  9. Einar Abell EDN This Design Idea gives two versions of an indicator light that changes from green to red as a battery discharges. There are many circuits that do this sort of thing, but all the ones I have seen are too complex and costly for my ...
  10. Vladimir Rentyuk Electronics World Proposed Automatic Gain Control (AGC) amplifier can be used for “soft” limitation of signal value regarding its peak value (it is important to note that it’s not about its rms value, but about ...

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