Michael Covington — Author

Michael Covington

Senior research scientist in the Microelectronics Laboratory in the Artificial Intelligence Center at the University of Georgia.

Areas of interest of the author: Analogue Design Oscillators Supply

By Michael Covington:

  1. Tuning a Quadrature Encoder by Ear
    The human ear is very good at detecting noise or missing cycles in a waveform, and since we have two ears, we can monitor two signals at once. I recently repaired an older lab instrument containing a quadrature encoder made with an incandescent lamp, a slotted disc, and two...
  2. Informed Analysis Picks Better 555 Timer To Drive Power MOSFET
    The original bipolar 555 timer, the NE555, is excellent for driving a power MOSFET’s gate. Newer CMOS versions such as the 7555, LMC555, and TLC555 use less power, but they have trouble sourcing enough current to drive a gate well and can even be damaged by load...

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