Gated Oscillator Starts without Delay
Gated Oscillator Starts without Delay
09.29.2020 Articles

Gated oscillators always present the typical problem of having a delay when a digital input control signal enables its oscillation...

Texas Instruments Released New Synchronous SWIFT
Texas Instruments Released the New Synchronous SWIFT Step-Down Converter with Internally Compensated Advanced Current Mode Control
09.29.2020 News

The new TPS543620 chip released by Texas Instruments is a high-efficiency 18-V, 6-A synchronous buck converter employing an internally compensated, fixed-frequency Advanced Current Mode control...

Vishay Intertechnology 200 N-Channel MOSFET PowerPAK
Vishay Intertechnology 200 V N-Channel MOSFET in PowerPAK 1212‑8S Offers Industry-Low RDS(ON) to Increase Power Density, Save Energy
09.28.2020 News

Vishay Intertechnology introduced a new 200 V n-channel MOSFET that offers industry-low typical on-resistance of 61 mΩ at 10 V in the 3.3 mm by 3.3 mm thermally enhanced PowerPAK 1212-8S package...

Prevent 9V cells excessive drain this
Prevent 9V cells from excessive drain with this battery monitor
09.24.2020 Circuits

The battery monitor circuit can be very helpful for any portable equipment powered by two 9-V batteries. When both batteries are in good health, an LED produces short bursts of light every second...

Diodes Announces Series Precision Adjustable Current-Limited
Diodes Announces a Series of Precision Adjustable Current-Limited Power Switches
09.24.2020 News

Diodes Incorporated announced the AP22652, AP22653, AP22652A and AP22653A single channel precision adjustable current-limited switches optimized for applications that require precision current limiting, or to provide up to 2.1 A...

Repair Mercedes staff car amplifier Harman
Repair of a Mercedes staff car amplifier Harman/Becker 7019
09.24.2020 Articles

In this article, I want to talk about the experience of repairing a OEM Harman/Becker audio amplifier, which was installed in Mercedes-Benz cars...

Power Integrations Targets Compact Smart-Lighting Designs
Power Integrations Targets Compact Smart-Lighting Designs With Highly Efficient GaN-Powered LYTSwitch-6 LED Drivers
09.24.2020 News

Power Integrations announced a new member of the LYTSwitch-6 family of safety-isolated LED drivers for smart lighting applications – the LYT6078C...

Variable gain superbal circuit preserves CMRR
Variable gain superbal circuit preserves CMRR
09.23.2020 Articles

The superbal circuit will be familiar to anyone involved in balanced signal transmission; it is a differential amplifier which presents identical input impedances to both legs of a balanced line...

Alpha Omega Semiconductor Unveils New Generation
Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Unveils New Generation of DrMOS Power Stage for High-Performance Graphics Add-in-Cards and Gaming Notebooks
09.23.2020 News

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor announced a new series of DrMOS targeting multiphase VR regulators powering high-performance GPU and memory in desktop Add-In Graphics Cards and gaming notebooks...

Rearranged reference helps ADC measure its
Rearranged reference helps ADC measure its own supply voltage
09.22.2020 Circuits

EDN If you use an ADC to monitor a system's power-supply voltage, you may encounter situations in which the supply voltage exceeds the ADC's reference voltage. However, the ADC's input voltage cannot exceed its reference voltage...