Active Antialias Filter 24-bit ADC Features
Active Antialias Filter for 24-bit ADC Features Low Distortion, High SNR
07.14.2020 Circuits

A high-resolution SAR ADC often needs a higher-order antialiasing filter, such as the third-order version provided by this low-noise, low-power design...

40V Synchronous Buck Converters Diodes Incorporated
40V Synchronous Buck Converters from Diodes Incorporated Deliver High Efficiency with Low EMI for Automotive POL Applications
07.14.2020 News

Diodes Incorporated announced the AP64350Q/ AP64351Q/ AP64352Q series of automotive-compliant, 3.5 A, synchronous buck converters for point of load applications...

Inverting buck-boost converter regulates LED current
Inverting buck-boost converter regulates LED current
07.13.2020 Circuits

Controlling the brightness of LEDs requires a driver that provides a constant, regulated current. To achieve this goal, the driver topology must be able to generate a large enough output voltage...

Diodes Incorporated announced Channel 300mA High
Diodes Incorporated announced 4 Channel 300mA High PSRR Low Noise LDO with Enable
07.13.2020 News

Diodes Incorporated announced a 4-channel low dropout regulator AP7348 with high output voltage accuracy, high PSRR, low output noise and low quiescent current...

Minimize Input-Supply Ripple Current LED Driver
Minimize Input-Supply Ripple Current In LED Driver Applications
07.09.2020 Circuits

Consumer-based LED applications have really taken off. You now find them in home lighting, airplane cabin lights, automobile lights, MP3 players, and elsewhere. In the past, most LED drivers were based on some sort of charge pump...

Vishay Intertechnology 30 MOSFET Half-Bridge Power
Vishay Intertechnology 30 V MOSFET Half-Bridge Power Stage Delivers 11% Higher Output Current in PowerPAIR 3x3F
07.09.2020 News

Vishay Intertechnology introduced a new 30 V n-channel MOSFET half-bridge power stage that combines a high side TrenchFET MOSFET and low side SkyFET MOSFET with integrated Schottky diode in one compact PowerPAIR 3.3 mm by 3.3 mm package...

Capacitive voltage conversion aka charge pump
Capacitive voltage conversion aka the charge pump
07.09.2020 Articles

2019 marks the 100th anniversary of the Greinacher voltage multiplier, invented by Swiss physicist Heinrich Greinacher in 1919. In 1932, Douglas Cockcroft and Ernest Walton used this basic circuit to power a particle accelerator, the first “atom smasher”...

Ampleon releases breakthrough Si LDMOS devices
Ampleon releases "breakthrough" Si LDMOS devices reaching 80% efficiency for VHF and UHF applications
07.09.2020 News

Ampleon announced two additions to its 9th generation line-up of high-performance 50 V Si LDMOS high-efficiency RF power transistors...

Controlled power supply increases op amps
Controlled power supply increases op amps' output-voltage range
07.08.2020 Articles

Increasing the output voltage of IC operational amplifiers usually involves adding high-voltage external transistors. The resulting circuit then requires correction to retain its operating characteristics...

Low Voltage Automotive Buck Converter Diodes
Low Voltage Automotive Buck Converter from Diodes Incorporated with Programmable PFM/PWM for Enhanced Efficiency
07.08.2020 News

Diodes Incorporated announced the AP61100Q, a 5.5 V, 1 A continuous output current, automotive-compliant, synchronous buck converter for point of load applications...