converter accommodates grounded load
V/I converter accommodates grounded load
11.21.2019 Circuits

The voltage-to-current (V/I) converter uses three common op amps, two medium-power transistors, and only a few passive components...

Low EMI DC DC Regulator Helps
Low EMI DC/DC Regulator Helps Engineers Meet Ever-Tightening OEM Standards
11.21.2019 News

Allegro MicroSystems announced the launch of the ARG81800 – a robust, ultra-low Iq, low EMI DC/DC regulator ideal for keep-alive supply applications...

Temperature Sensor Accurate 0.25 deg STMicroelectronics
Temperature Sensor Accurate to 0.25°C, from STMicroelectronics, Delivers Flexible Power Savings for Mobile Monitoring
11.20.2019 News

With typical temperature-reading accuracy of 0.25 °C and low operating and standby current, the STMicroelectronics STTS22H enhances temperature and heat-flow monitoring in asset trackers, shipping-container loggers...

Photodetector sorts objects
Photodetector sorts objects
11.19.2019 Circuits

Most object-sensing systemshave problems detecting the presence of an object. The system uses an oscillator to ease detection problems and allow sorting...

Alpha Omega Semiconductor Introduces 18V 2A
Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Introduces 18V 2A, and 3A EZBuck in Thermally Enhanced Ultra-thin TSOT23-6 package
11.19.2019 News

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor introduced AOZ6682CI and AOZ6683CI. These devices are high efficiency, simple-to-use synchronous buck regulators...

Rectangular Pulse Generator Independent Frequency Duty
Rectangular Pulse Generator with Independent Frequency and Duty Cycle Control
11.19.2019 Circuits

A diagram of a rectangular pulse generator with independent frequency control from 1 to 10 kHz and duty cycle from 0 to 100% is given...

New Products Essential Analog Portfolio by
New Products in Essential Analog Portfolio by Maxim Shatter Industry Benchmarks in Power, Solution Size and Accuracy
11.18.2019 News

Designers can further reduce power consumption and solution size, while improving measurement accuracy, with three new industry-leading analog products from Maxim Integrated Products...

GOWIN Semiconductor Releases First FPGA Integrated
GOWIN Semiconductor Releases the First FPGA with Integrated Bluetooth Radio
11.15.2019 News

GOWIN Semiconductor announces the release of their latest mSoC FPGA with integrated Bluetooth 5.0 Low Energy radio enabling an entirely new wave of FPGA computing capabilities at the edge...

Automotive-Compliant Level Shifters Diodes Incorporated Provide
Automotive-Compliant Level Shifters from Diodes Incorporated Provide High-Speed, Flexible, and Easy-to-Use Logic Translation
11.14.2019 News

Diodes Incorporated announced two flexible, high-speed automotive-compliant voltage translators for use in environments with ambient temperatures up to +125 °C...

Independent Width Frequency Adjustment Bipolar Pulse
Independent Width and Frequency Adjustment Bipolar Pulse Generator
11.14.2019 Circuits

A simple driver circuit of bipolar pulses with separate and independent frequency adjustment and duty cycle is given...