Understanding grounding shielding guarding high-impedance applications.
Understanding grounding, shielding, and guarding in high-impedance applications. Part 1
07.28.2021 Articles

Inadequate shielding and bad grounding are often blamed when measurements are inaccurate, especially in high-impedance applications. In fact, shielding and grounding problems are frequently responsible for measurement errors, but many test system developers aren’t quite sure why...

Measuring inductance Design Idea discussion
Measuring inductance: Design Idea discussion
07.27.2021 Articles

Jim McLucas, author of the Design Idea Circuit measures capacitance or inductance wanted to respond to some discussion about using this Design Idea...

Circuit measures capacitance or inductance
Circuit measures capacitance or inductance
07.26.2021 Articles

Engineers usually have access to signal and function generators, as well as frequency counters and oscilloscopes, but they may not have access to capacitance or inductance meters...

simple fully automatic 12V uninterruptible power
A simple and fully automatic, 12V uninterruptible power supply system for small/medium power appliances
07.22.2021 Circuits

This is a simple and fully automatic, 12 V uninterruptible power supply system for small/medium power appliances...

Voltage reference improves JFET
Voltage reference improves JFET
07.22.2021 Circuits

The common JFET current-source has average output impedance and depends heavily on the JFET's VP and IDSS variations. These manufacturing variations limit the initial accuracy of the current setpoint that the circuit can obtain with a fixed R1...

Circuit provides constant current ISFETs MEMFETs
Circuit provides constant current for ISFETs/MEMFETs
07.21.2021 Articles

ISFETs and MEMFETs (ion-sensitive and membrane FETs) are solid-state chemical sensors that provide an electrical signal associated with the change of a chemical concentration in a solution. These types of sensors need a stable operating point...

LED driver doubles as fault monitor
LED driver doubles as fault monitor
07.20.2021 Circuits

LEDs find wide use as indicators and as light emitters in devices such as optocouplers. In some applications, the LED or the emitter may be located remotely at some distance from the main unit...

Portable Power Inverter Circuit
Portable Power Inverter Circuit
07.19.2021 Circuits

Recently, my neighbor expressed a deep interest in building a low-power inverter from scratch. This portable power inverter takes the dc output from a low-voltage accumulator and creates a stable 230-VAC/50-Hz mains suitable for powering small items of equipment...

Power inverter is bidirectional
Power inverter is bidirectional
07.15.2021 Circuits

If you want to swap charge in either direction between unevenly loaded positive and negative battery buses, you need an inverting dc transformer. One implementation is the symmetrical flyback converter...

Maximize power density three-level buck-switching chargers.
Maximize power density with three-level buck-switching chargers. Part 2
07.15.2021 Articles

Off-chip losses include those across the equivalent series resistance in the input, output and flying capacitors, as well as the inductor. Choosing ceramic capacitors with very low (<20 mΩ) ESR renders their losses almost negligible...