Benchmark power density 5130 sup sup
Benchmark power density of 5130 W/in3 with GaN FETs powers artificial intelligence and advanced computing applications
09.21.2023 News

EPC announces the availability of the EPC9159, a 48 V / 12 V, LLC converter designed for high-density 48 V server power and DC-DC converters. This reference design can deliver 1 kW of power in a tiny 17.5 mm × 22.8 mm footprint...

High current high accuracy LDO Diodes
High current, high accuracy LDO from Diodes Incorporated addresses noise-sensitive power conversion applications
09.20.2023 News

Diodes Incorporated has released a 3A-rated low-dropout (LDO) voltage regulator supporting 4.4 µVRMS operation (at 0.8 V output)...

Limit switches control dc-motor bridge
Limit switches control dc-motor H bridge
09.19.2023 Articles

You use limit switches to switch off a motor if it reaches one of its two end positions. Even if you build a microprocessor-based motor controller, you should switch off a motor with hardware by building a safety interlock...

Stepper servo motor tradeoffs
Stepper and servo motor tradeoffs
09.18.2023 Articles

They both have advantages and limitations. So which one is right for your application?

An LED display adapted DIY projects
An LED display adapted for DIY projects
09.17.2023 Circuits

This expandable LED display for a microcontroller has a simple interface with only 6 data/control wires and can be easily accommodated to a DIY design. The display has static indication...

ams OSRAM opens new era dynamic
ams OSRAM opens new era of dynamic interior automotive lighting with launch of intelligent RGB LED
09.17.2023 News

ams OSRAM introduces new technology which greatly simplifies the implementation of dynamic, color- and intensity-changing arrays of hundreds of RGB LEDs in car interior lighting...

World first 240GHz radar transceiver silicon
World's first 240GHz radar transceiver in silicon
09.14.2023 News

indie Semiconductor has launched the world’s first commercial fully integrated 240 GHz radar front-end (RFE) silicon transceiver for automotive in-cabin and industrial sensing applications...

Flip-flop plus choke comprise simple cheap
Flip-flop plus choke comprise simple and cheap inductive sensor
09.11.2023 Circuits

Sensors that detect and track small metallic objects are handy gadgets, whether used to route workpieces on an assembly line or comb a beach for “treasures” lost in the sand...

kHz per degree Kelvin temperature sensor
1 kHz per degree Kelvin temperature sensor
09.07.2023 Circuits

Long ago I sketched up a simple circuit for a DC coupled amplifier that I thought (in my youthful naivety) looked very cool...

1-IC design monitors ajar doors
1-IC design monitors ajar doors
09.06.2023 Circuits

If someone in your family has the habit of not completely closing a drawer – or perhaps the food freezer’s door – you’ll appreciate this design...