Buck Regulators Low Iq
5 Buck Regulators with Low Iq
10.21.2019 Articles

Low quiescent current, also called supply current, might be an important spec for your power-supply design...

Software-Configurable Analog Front End Industrial Process
Software-Configurable Analog Front End for Industrial Process Control Systems
10.21.2019 News

Analog Devices has introduced the AD4110-1 Analog Front End with integrated 24-bit ADC for industrial process control systems...

Alpha Omega Semiconductor Announces New 60V
Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Announces New 60V and 100V MOSFETs in TO-Leadless Packaging Technology for High Current Applications
10.18.2019 News

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor introduced the TO-Leadless package in combination with a 60 V and 100 V Shield-Gate Technology providing the highest current capability in its voltage class...

Two Terminal Bipolar Power Supply
Two Terminal Bipolar Power Supply
10.17.2019 Circuits

A 2-quadrant power supply – one that provides a positive or negative voltage to the same output terminals – can easily be produced using the LT8714 4-quadrant controller...

Littelfuse Dual channel PPTC 50 Smaller
Littelfuse Dual channel PPTC with 50% Smaller Footprint Protects Telecom Equipment from Overcurrents
10.17.2019 News

Littelfuse announced a new series of 250 V Telecom PPTCs designed to help make telecom and network equipment more reliable. The TSM250-130 series protects against power cross and induced power surges...

Automotive-Compliant Linear Regulators Diodes Incorporated Deliver
Automotive-Compliant Linear Regulators from Diodes Incorporated Deliver High PSRR and Low Quiescent Current
10.16.2019 News

Diodes Incorporated introduced the company’s first low-dropout linear regulators compliant to AEC-Q100 Grade 1. The AP7315Q and AP7343Q deliver 150 mA and 300 mA respectively...

Cypress Introduces USB-C Controller High-Volume Segments
Cypress Introduces USB-C Controller for High-Volume Segments in PC Market
10.15.2019 News

Cypress Semiconductor announced its latest USB-C controller, ACG1F. Designed for mainstream and entry-level notebooks and desktop PCs, ACG1F is a cost-effective single-port USB-C controller used for systems which need to convert legacy USB Type-A ports to USB Type-C ports...

Single-button lock provides high security
Single-button lock provides high security
10.14.2019 Circuits

Figure is the block diagram of an easily programmed, single-button combination lock. You operate the lock by using a series of short and long pulses from a momentary switch that masquerades as a doorbell button...

Toshiba Launches Voltage Drive Photorelay Tiny
Toshiba Launches Voltage Drive Photorelay with a Tiny 2.9mm2 Footprint
10.14.2019 News

Toshiba Electronics Europe announces the availability of a new voltage driven photorelay with a tiny S-VSON4T package and reduced input power dissipation. The new product, designated TLP3407SR, features a maximum LED current of just 1 mA at the input...

GLF Introduces Ultra-High-Efficiency 4.5A Two-Input Power
GLF's Introduces Ultra-High-Efficiency 4.5A Two-Input Power Mux for IoT Applications
10.10.2019 News

GLF Integrated Power introduces the GLF74130, a two-input Power Mux IC that offers significant efficiency improvement over traditional diode-based solutions...