Simple circuit controls stepper motors
Simple circuit controls stepper motors
03.25.2019 Circuits

Stepper motors are useful in many consumer, industrial, and military applications. Some, such as personal-transportation systems, require precise speed control. Stepper-motor controllers can be simple, but they require a variable-frequency square wave for the clock input...

New 60 linear LED controller ICs
New 60 V linear LED controller ICs from Infineon for general lighting
03.25.2019 News

With the BCR601 and BCR602 Infineon Technologies introduces two new members of its successful BCR linear LED controller IC portfolio. The BCR601 features an innovative voltage feedback to the primary side...

Melexis extends its third generation Triaxis
Melexis extends its third generation of Triaxis Hall position sensors with dual-output option
03.25.2019 News

Melexis announces the MLX90374, the latest addition to its third generation of Triaxis Hall sensors, and the first to offer multiple outputs from a monolithic device...

Active-Semi First Wearable PMIC ActiveCiPS Series
Active-Semi's First Wearable PMIC in the ActiveCiPS Series
03.24.2019 News

Active-Semi introduces its first ultra-low power ActiveCiPS PMIC, the ACT81460, with its fully integrated charger, buck, buck/boost and boost converters, LDOs, Load Switches and GPIOs targeting the wearable market...

Voltage-Divider IC Drops 48-V Input Point-of-Load
Voltage-Divider IC Drops 48-V Input to 6 V for Point-of-Load Regulators
03.21.2019 Articles

This high-efficiency IC with charge pumps and associated circuits reduces input voltage up to one-eighth while providing a 15-W drive for external point-of-load regulators. Helix Semiconductors’ HS200 DC/DC MuxCapacitor Power IC is a new type of voltage divider that can play an integral role in a distributed power architecture system...

XDPL8221 device advanced smart connected LED
XDPL8221: the device for advanced, smart and connected LED driver
03.21.2019 News

Infineon Technologies introduces the new member of its XDP LED series, the XDPL8221 for cost-effective dual-stage drivers with advanced features...

Electronic Skin points Way North
Electronic Skin points the Way North
03.20.2019 Articles

While birds are able to naturally perceive the Earth’s magnetic field and use it for orientation, humans have so far not come close to replicate this feat – at least, until now...

Using PCBWay Free Gerber Viewer Visualize
Using PCBWay Free Gerber Viewer to Visualize Your PCB Designs
03.20.2019 Articles

We are usually eager to see how the PCB we design shows after it is manufactured. Professional makers probably have various software to visualize their designs. But, novices and hobbyists are unlikely have access to those software and may be not clear about the software feature and how to use them...

iMOTION IMM100 series Infineon reduces PCB
iMOTION IMM100 series from Infineon reduces PCB size and R&D efforts significantly
03.20.2019 News

Infineon Technologies introduces smart IPM motor controllers featuring full hardware and software integration needed for BLDC motor drives of up to 80 W without heatsink...

Achieve MPPT Control Without Power Calculation
Achieve MPPT Control Without Power Calculation
03.19.2019 Articles

A maximum power point tracking controller circuit is extremely useful in solar photovoltaic systems for boosting power usage efficiency. The traditional MPPT design, though, requires the use of a multiplier to calculate power from source voltage and current measurements...