Sensors Controls RN487x Bluetooth Module Microchip.
Sensors and Controls with the RN487x Bluetooth Module from Microchip. Part 3 - How to Build a Digital Input and Digital Control Using Microchip's RN487x Bluetooth Module
08.10.2020 Articles

Learn how to use a Microchip Bluetooth module to prototype digital input and digital control peripherals...

SiTime Enables High Performance Optical Data
SiTime Enables High Performance Optical and Data Communications for Outdoor 5G Deployment
08.10.2020 News

SiTime Corporation introduced the SiT9501 differential MEMS oscillator. Based on SiTime’s newly launched third generation MEMS technology, the device delivers uncompromising performance for 100G - 800G optical modules...

Precision Op Amp Diodes Incorporated Features
Precision Op Amp from Diodes Incorporated Features Ultra-Low Input Offset Voltage and Low Noise
08.06.2020 News

Diodes Incorporated announced its first precision operational amplifier. The AS2333 uses chopper stabilization to achieve ultra-low input offset voltage of 8 μV and near-zero drift...

Sensors Controls RN487x Bluetooth Module Microchip.
Sensors and Controls with the RN487x Bluetooth Module from Microchip. Part 2 - How to configure the RN487x module
08.06.2020 Articles

Information for configuring your modules and using them before each of the project descriptions that will follow in other articles...

TI introduces industry first zero-drift Hall-effect
TI introduces the industry's first zero-drift Hall-effect current sensors
08.06.2020 News

Texas Instruments introduced the industry’s first zero-drift Hall-effect current sensors. The TMCS1100 and TMCS1101 enable the lowest drift and highest accuracy over time and temperature while providing reliable 3-kVrms isolation...

How measure light flicker LED lamps
How to measure light flicker in LED lamps
08.05.2020 Articles

With huge choice of LED lamps available nowadays, it is not always easy to select the best suitable lamp for your living room or workspace. The light quality of LED lamps can vary greatly depending on the lamp design topology and choice of key components...

Diodes Incorporated Optimizes PNP Transistors Automotive
Diodes Incorporated Optimizes PNP Transistors for Automotive Matrix LED Lighting
08.05.2020 News

Diodes Incorporated announced the availability of the automotive-compliant dual PNP transistors. These new products provide OEMs with a highly efficient solution for controlling matrix LED light clusters...

Renesas Unveils Industry Highest Accuracy Optically
Renesas Unveils Industry's Highest Accuracy Optically Isolated Delta-Sigma Modulator for Industrial Automation Applications
08.04.2020 News

Renesas Electronics announced the RV1S9353A optically isolated delta-sigma modulator. The RV1S9353A delivers the industry’s highest accuracy compared to other 10 MHz clock output optically isolated devices...

Multiple remote points control on off
Multiple remote points control on/off switch
08.03.2020 Circuits

Sometimes, you need to remotely turn on or off a two-state system, such as a light, from multiple points...

Bourns Introduces Dual Channel TBU High-Speed
Bourns Introduces Dual Channel TBU High-Speed Protectors Designed for RS-485 Interface Applications
08.03.2020 News

Bourns introduced its high-speed Model TBU-RSxxx-300-WH series protectors for use in RS-485 communication interface applications and AISG (Antenna Interface Standards Group) modem protection...