Voltage reference is software-programmable
Voltage reference is software-programmable
10.26.2021 Circuits

For a variety of reasons, designers often discover that their creations need yet more power-supply voltages. For example, a system powered by ±2.5 V power supplies suddenly needs a precision –1.4 V reference for a signal-level-shifting circuit and needs a 2.1 V reference to drive an ADC...

Moving-coil meter measures low-level currents
Moving-coil meter measures low-level currents
10.25.2021 Circuits

Although an analog moving-coil meter may lack the resolution and accuracy that a digital readout provides, a meter remains the display of choice for certain applications. A digital readout simply cannot provide information about a measurement's rate of change, and tracking a reading's trend is easier on an analog meter....

MOSFET enhances low-current measurements using moving-coil
MOSFET enhances low-current measurements using moving-coil meter
10.21.2021 Circuits

A previous Design Idea describes an interesting and useful method for using a moving-coil analog meter to measure currents in the less-than-1A range. The design offers considerable flexibility in the choice of meter-movement sensitivity and measurement range and simplifies selection of shunt resistors...

JFETs offer LC oscillators few components
JFETs offer LC oscillators with few components
10.21.2021 Articles

By using JFETs in unusual configurations, you can design simple, high-frequency LC oscillators with few passive components...

Software repair Dahua DH-IPC-HDW4421E series IP-camera
Software repair of Dahua DH-IPC-HDW4421E series IP-camera
10.19.2021 Articles

In this article, I want to talk about the method of software repair or firmware recovery of the Dahua DH-IPC-HDW4421E IP-camera...

High-Precision Voltage Reference IC Provides Very-Low
High-Precision Voltage Reference IC Provides Very-Low Drift for Extended-Temperature Automotive Applications
10.19.2021 News

Microchip Technology announced the release of a high-precision voltage reference (Vref) IC that meets these needs at a cost-effective price...

Thermal Performance Optimization High Power Density
Thermal Performance Optimization of High Power Density Buck Converters
10.18.2021 Articles

For several years Quad-flat no-leads (QFN) package with thermal pad have been standard starting point for high current designs. Technology and trends pushed buck converters to get even smaller and more efficient...

High-Efficiency Class-D Stereo Audio Amplifier Diodes
High-Efficiency Class-D Stereo Audio Amplifier from Diodes Incorporated Saves Battery Power While Delivering Superior Sound Quality
10.18.2021 News

Diodes Incorporated introduces the PAM8965 Class-D stereo audio power amplifier with an integrated synchronous boost converter...

Precision clamp protects data logger
Precision clamp protects data logger
10.14.2021 Circuits

This circuit was born from an application that required an input signal to be precisely clamped to less than 2.5 V, while operating on a 2.5 V supply with a maximum output of 4 mA...

SiTime Enables Up 25 Faster Wireless
SiTime Enables Up to 25% Faster Wireless Charging with MEMS Timing Solution
10.14.2021 News

SiTime Corporation introduced the SiT3901 µPower digitally controlled MEMS oscillator targeting power-sensitive and space-constrained mobile and IoT applications...