Achieve precision temperature control TEC Seebeck-voltage
Achieve precision temperature control with TEC Seebeck-voltage sampling
12.12.2019 Circuits

TEC temperature-control systems often have limited stability. The causes of these limitations are the thermal properties of the system, not the performance of the control electronics...

Reduce Memory Costs Retain Data Power
Reduce Memory Costs and Retain Data at Power Loss with Microchip's EERAM Memory Solutions
12.12.2019 News

From smart meters to manufacturing lines, applications that require repetitive task data logging must be able to automatically restore content if power is disrupted during processing...

USB BC 1.2 Compliant Battery Charging
USB BC 1.2 Compliant Battery Charging Detector from Diodes Incorporated Supports Dual Roles to Simplify Host and Client Design
12.11.2019 News

Diodes Incorporated announced the dual-role PI3USB9201 USB BC 1.2 detector, which incorporates both host and client circuitry, enabling designers to optimize the BoM size and cost of adding USB Type-C interface circuitry...

Study shows rooftop solar could power
Study shows rooftop solar could power 25 percent of Europe
12.10.2019 Articles

Europeans can massively expand low-cost solar generation just by tapping the space over their heads. That’s the conclusion of researchers who used satellite imagery, electricity prices and lending data to assess the untapped energy potential of Europe’s buildings...

Vishay Intertechnology 12 Synchronous Buck Regulators
Vishay Intertechnology 2 A to 12 A Synchronous Buck Regulators in Compact 5x5 PowerPAK Package Offer Peak Efficiencies of 98%
12.10.2019 News

Vishay Intertechnology introduced two new families of 2 A to 12 A microBUCK synchronous buck regulators featuring wide input voltage ranges from 4.5 V to 55 V (SiC476/7/8/9) and 4.5 V to 60 V (SiC466/7/8/9)...

16-port Stackable Single-chip Solution
16-port Stackable Single-chip Solution
12.10.2019 News

Broadcom’s BCM65450 multimode DSL transceivers are the industry’s most advanced and most flexible solutions for DSLAM, MDU and DPU deployments...

Analog-to-digital frequency-dependent relays
Analog-to-digital frequency-dependent relays
12.10.2019 Circuits

The operation principle is described and the diagrams of analog-digital frequency-dependent relays, whose switching occurs when the certain setting valuation input frequency is exceeded by frequency, are given...

Thermoelectric-cooler unipolar drive achieves stable temperatures
Thermoelectric-cooler unipolar drive achieves stable temperatures
12.09.2019 Circuits

Most engineers know about the solid-state refrigerators called Peltier devices or, more commonly, TECs and how they can actively cool temperature-sensitive electronic components, such as optical detectors and solid-state lasers...

Nexperia launches high-efficiency GaN FET industry-leading
Nexperia launches high-efficiency GaN FET with industry-leading performance
12.09.2019 News

Nexperia announced its entry into the gallium nitride FET market with the introduction of the 650 volt GAN063-650WSA, a very robust device with a gate-source voltage (VGS) of ±20 V and a temperature range of –55 to +175 °C...

Industry First 4Mbit EEPROM Memory Chips
Industry's First 4Mbit EEPROM Memory Chips from STMicroelectronics Let Small Devices Handle Bigger User Data
12.08.2019 News

STMicroelectronics has introduced a new generation of memory chips that combine unprecedented storage density with speed and reliability, enabling the devices we use every day to do more to enrich life and work...