Вышел электронный журнал РадиоЛоцман 2021 01-02
Вышел электронный журнал "РадиоЛоцман" 2021, 01-02

Электронный журнал в формате PDF для разработчиков электроники. Распространяется бесплатно на сайте РадиоЛоцман...

Reset generator uses fleapower
Reset generator uses «fleapower»
03.02.2021 Circuits

When a processor-controlled device must operate reliably, designers often choose to periodically reset the processor rather than rely on a watchdog configuration...

HOLTEK New BP45F4NB BP45FH4NB Power Bank
03.02.2021 News

Holtek is pleased to announce the release of its new power bank dedicated Flash MCUs, the BP45F4NB and BP45FH4NB. Using their internal complementary PWM drive function, the devices can implement full charge and discharge battery management operations...

Why do you never see birds
Why do you never see birds on high-tension power lines?
03.01.2021 Articles

We very often see flocks of birds perched in trees, on rooftops, on local power line wires, and even on radio antennas. However, I have noticed that I never see birds coming to rest on high-tension power lines...

Nexperia extends LFPAK56D MOSFET line-up AEC-Q101-qualified
Nexperia extends LFPAK56D MOSFET line-up with AEC-Q101-qualified half-bridge package
03.01.2021 News

Nexperia announced a series of half-bridge (high side & low side) automotive MOSFETs constructed in the space-saving LFPAK56D package format. The half-bridge configuration of two MOSFETs is a standard building block for many automotive applications including motor drives and DC/DC converters...

Informed Analysis Picks Better 555 Timer
Informed Analysis Picks Better 555 Timer To Drive Power MOSFET
02.28.2021 Circuits

The original bipolar 555 timer, the NE555, is excellent for driving a power MOSFET’s gate. Newer CMOS versions such as the 7555, LMC555, and TLC555 use less power, but they have trouble sourcing enough current to drive a gate well and can even be damaged by load mismatch...

Precision High-Voltage Bi-directional Current-Sense Amplifiers STMicroelectronics
Precision, High-Voltage Bi-directional Current-Sense Amplifiers from STMicroelectronics Boost Robustness and Power Efficiency
02.28.2021 News

STMicroelectronics has introduced three precision high-voltage bi-directional current-sense amplifiers that provide the extra convenience of a Shutdown pin to maximize energy savings...

Goodbye 3AG fuse we ll miss
Goodbye 3AG fuse, we'll miss you
02.25.2021 Articles

Fuses are an essential part of many system designs, and we’ve come to depend on them since the earliest days of electricity. The basic concept of using a fusible link – which self-heats due to current flow and then opens to cut off current flow if there is an overcurrent condition – is simple, reliable, clear cut, and unambiguous...

Toshiba Unveils New 18TB MG09 Series
Toshiba Unveils New 18TB MG09 Series Hard Disk Drives
02.25.2021 News

Toshiba Electronics Europe has announced the introduction of its new MG09 Series, which comprises the company’s first HDD models to feature energy-assisted magnetic recording...

Current source enables op amp output
Current source enables op amp's output to go to ground
02.24.2021 Circuits

The LM324 is a cost-effective choice for an op amp, especially when you need to apply ground-level inputs. Although its output purportedly includes ground, its poor current-sinking capability limits the applications...