simple ratiometric technique measurement very low
A simple ratiometric technique for measurement of very low resistances
08.11.2022 Circuits

Maybe the most common applications for very-low-value resistors are current-controlling circuits, where their low value reduces power losses. For these applications, a tolerance of about 10%-20% is quite sufficient. But even at these tolerances, accurate measurement of very low resistance values can be rather difficult...

Make Smallest IoT Home Automation using
Make Smallest IoT Home Automation using ESP8266-01
08.10.2022 Circuits

In this project, we will be using the ESP8266-01 Wi-Fi Development board to make a small IoT home automation that has Wi-Fi featured in it. The system operates on a local web server and is easy to use for the novice...

Precision synchronous detection amplifier facilitates low
Precision synchronous detection amplifier facilitates low voltage measurements
08.09.2022 Circuits

This design idea presents a practical circuit that implements synchronous detection to amplify small DC voltages with high linearity and excellent noise immunity. Such circuits are required in measurements involving current shunts, load cells, thermocouples, etc...

Controller IC one-shot form resonant controller
Controller IC and one-shot form resonant controller
08.08.2022 Circuits

Resonant power supplies are popular because of high efficiency, low noise, and compactness. You can implement a resonant buck or boost converter using a single switch. The regulation of the output in such a converter derives from using a constant on or off time and a variable frequency...

Leakage-energy recuperating winding self-supplies DC DC
Leakage-energy recuperating winding self-supplies a DC/DC converter
08.07.2022 Circuits

One of the effective passive means you can use to suppress the ringing and clamp the overvoltages caused by the leakage energy in a flyback transformer is to implement a recuperating winding bifilar with the primary winding...

CMOS-NAND gates control sump pump
CMOS-NAND gates control sump pump
08.04.2022 Circuits

With just a few NAND gates, you can control sump pumps and other pumps that keep your basement from flooding and maintain water levels in tanks...

STMicroelectronics reveals automotive high-side switch controller
STMicroelectronics reveals automotive high-side switch controller with flexible diagnostics and protection
08.04.2022 News

The STMicroelectronics VNF1048F automotive high-side switch controller combines enhanced system-protection and diagnostic features with ST’s I2t silicon-fuse technology...

Flea power circuit detects short circuits
Flea power circuit detects short circuits
08.03.2022 Circuits

Sometimes, the need arises for a short-circuit tester that supplies a low current to the device under test and also uses voltages lower than 100 mV to prevent conduction of semiconductors...

New VFC uses flip-flops as high
New VFC uses flip-flops as high speed, precision analog switches
08.02.2022 Circuits

Voltage to frequency converters (VFCs) are a popular method of noise-tolerant analog to digital conversion. Synchronous VFCs in which an external, usually crystal-derived, clock provides timing for the conversion process...

Some Basic Math Creates Low-Cost Nonlinear
Some Basic Math Creates A Low-Cost Nonlinear Thermocouple Interface
08.01.2022 Circuits

Measurement and process control loops often use 8-bit microcontrollers. The devices are inexpensive and widely available, and they can be programmed in many popular high-level languages – like C and Basic. However, if the loop requires a nonlinear sensor, the designer faces the added challenge of having to develop a software linearization algorithm...