Supercapacitor boosts current small battery
Supercapacitor boosts current from small battery
10.20.2020 Circuits

Some battery-powered devices require large amounts of current in a short period of time but spend most of the time in sleep mode. The momentary large-load current demands large batteries to meet the time requirement, even though the average current consumption is low...

Melexis announces 35 low noise single
Melexis announces a 35 W low noise single coil fan and pump driver for industrial and home appliance applications
10.20.2020 News

Melexis introduces a new single coil fan and pump driver IC with a peak driving capability of 2.2 A. The MLX90412 combines high performance with low noise operation, making it ideal for a wide range of home appliances and industrial applications...

Soft limiter oscillator circuits uses emitter-degenerated
Soft limiter for oscillator circuits uses emitter-degenerated differential pair
10.19.2020 Circuits

Most oscillator circuits include a nonlinear amplitude control that sustains oscillations at a desired amplitude with minimum output distortion. One approach uses the output sinusoid's amplitude to control a circuit element's resistance...

Vishay Intertechnology Integrated 40 MOSFET Half-Bridge
Vishay Intertechnology Integrated 40 V MOSFET Half-Bridge Power Stage Offers Best in Class RDS(ON) and FOM to Increase Power Density and Efficiency
10.19.2020 News

Vishay Intertechnology introduced a new 40 V n-channel MOSFET half bridge power stage that delivers increased power density and efficiency for white goods and industrial, medical, and telecom applications...

Renesas Announces Buck-Boost DC DC Converter
Renesas Announces Buck-Boost DC/DC Converter with Ultra-Low Quiescent Current for Powering Sensors, MCUs, Wireless Devices, and Other Components
10.15.2020 News

Renesas Electronics introduced the ISL9122A, a flexible buck-boost switching regulator with bypass mode that provides ultra-low quiescent current for powering sensors, microcontrollers, wireless devices, and other system components...

Trick BJT-based converter into starting only
Trick a BJT-based converter into starting at only 250 mV dc
10.15.2020 Circuits

The converter described below, based on a silicon bipolar-junction transistor, can operate at as low as 250 mV, which is probably a record for a converter not based on a JFET or germanium transistor...

Microchip Unveils First Low-Power Digital-to-Analog Converter
Microchip Unveils First Low-Power Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC) that Simplifies Handheld Designs by Including Nonvolatile Memory
10.15.2020 News

Implementing multi-channel system control or signal outputs using Digital-to-Analog Converters in today’s portable and handheld industrial, communications, consumer and medical systems has been difficult to do without significant processor overhead for device configuration during power-up...

Power-supply interrupter fights ESD-induced device latch-up
Power-supply interrupter fights ESD-induced device latch-up
10.14.2020 Circuits

Under certain conditions, ESD events can damage digital circuits by causing latch-up. For example, when ESD triggers them, parasitic transistors normally formed as parts of a CMOS device can behave as an SCR...

Central Semiconductor New 1000V 4A Bridge
Central Semiconductor's New 1000V, 4A Bridge Rectifier in low profile BR DFN-A package: CBRDFA4-100
10.14.2020 News

Central Semiconductor introduces the CBRDFA4-100, a 4.0 A, 1000 V full wave bridge rectifier with a glass passivated die. Packaged in a low profile 1.55 mm durable epoxy BR DFN-A case...

How Build MEMS-Based Solution Vibration Detection
How to Build a MEMS-Based Solution for Vibration Detection in Condition Monitoring
10.13.2020 Articles

Condition monitoring is one of today’s core challenges in the use of mechanical facilities and technical systems in which, for example, motors, generators, and gears are used. Planned maintenance is becoming more and more important for minimizing risk of production downtime not only in the industrial sector but wherever machines are used...