Double invert generate plusmn 10 using
Double and invert 5 V to generate ±10 V using two generic chips and two bootstraps
05.23.2024 Circuits

Integration of analog circuitry with digital logic often requires the addition of an extra supply rail or two...

Zilog calls time on venerable Z80
Zilog calls time on the venerable Z80, discontinues the standalone Z84C00 CPU family
05.23.2024 News

While the long-lived Z80 continues on in Z180 and eZ80 forms, the standalone DIP-packaged variants' days are numbered...

How overcome limits boost converters
How to overcome the limits of boost converters
05.22.2024 Articles

This article will explain the inherent limitations of the boost topology and how to overcome them...

Passive circuit limits inrush current
Passive circuit limits inrush current
05.21.2024 Circuits

You would normally limit the inrush current during start-up of a rectifier circuit with a capacitor output filter...

High-current low-voltage shunt regulator
High-current, low-voltage shunt regulator
05.16.2024 Circuits

This design idea describes a high-current (up to 8 A) shunt-regulator built around the TLV431 low-voltage, adjustable, precision shunt-regulator IC...

elegance flyback controller without dedicated isolated
The elegance of a flyback controller without a dedicated isolated feedback path
05.16.2024 Articles

Figure shows the architecture of a conventional isolated flyback converter. These converters can be found frequently in power classes of up to about 60 W...

Cooling FAN controller using an LM35
Cooling FAN controller using an LM35 (No MCU)
05.15.2024 Circuits

The high temperature of the power components is a known phenomenon in electronics. To overcome this challenge, the designers mount heatsinks on the components to dissipate the heat...

Non-linear pullup multi-rate sup sup buses
Non-linear pullup for multi-rate I2C buses
05.13.2024 Circuits

I2C is a popular bidirectional serial communications bus having a clock and a data line. Both line’s drivers consist of an open drain ground-referenced N-channel MOSFET with a pullup resistor connected to a supply...

Programmable Schmitt triggers are digitally controlled
Programmable Schmitt triggers are digitally controlled
05.10.2024 Circuits

The circuit is a single-supply version of a programmable Schmitt trigger, or a comparator with hysteresis...

85V-260VAC 5VDC-2.5A flyback switching power supply
85V-260VAC to 5VDC-2.5A flyback switching power supply
05.07.2024 Circuits

In this article, I introduced an AC/DC flyback switching power supply that converts 85 V-260 VAC to 5 VDC-2.5 A, which can be used in various applications...