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  1. Ampleon announced the high power rugged BLF189XRA RF power transistor aimed at broadcast FM radio applications transmitting in the 88 108 MHz frequency range. Operating from an industry standard 50 V power source the BLF189XRA delivers over 1,600 ...
    Discretes » Ampleon » BLF189XRA
  2. STMicroelectronics is making its Teseo III satellite-navigation receiver accessible to a wider designer community by introducing the Teseo-LIV3F module, which integrates essential features to speed application development and also adds up to 16 ...
    Wireless » STMicroelectronics » Teseo-LIV3F
  3. Lower losses and higher switching deliver highly efficient, space-saving solutions and reduced overall system costs ON Semiconductor has announced an expansion of its silicon carbide (SiC) Schottky diode portfolio to include devices specifically ...
    Discretes · Automotive » ON Semiconductor » FFSHx0120, FFSHx065
  4. Analog Devices announces the Power by Linear™ LT8708/-1 , a 98% efficient bidirectional buck-boost switching regulator controller that operates between two batteries that have the same voltage, which are ideal for redundancy in self-driving ...
  5. Optimal non-volatile memory for real-time data logging such as 3D positioning data of event data recorder Fujitsu Semiconductor announced that it has developed the MB85RS4MT , a 4 Mbit FRAM that has the highest density in Fujitsu's serial ...
    Memory » Fujitsu » MB85RS4MT
  6. Every time a power MOSFET is switched on or off in a switched-mode power supply (SMPS), parasitic inductances cause ground shifts. This can lead to uncontrolled switching of gate driver ICs. In extreme cases, this results in electrical overloading ...
    Drivers » Infineon » 1EDN7550, 1EDN8550
  7. The EPC2051 offers power systems designers a 100 V, 25 mΩ, power transistor capable of 37 A pulsed in an extremely small chip-scale package. These new devices are ideal for applications such as 48 V power converters, LiDAR, and LED lighting. ...
    Discretes · Power » EPC » EPC2051
  8. Bluetooth Certified and EEMBC® ULPMark™ validated, the 6 × 8 × 1.46 mm SiP features integrated antenna for accelerated design and market introduction The RSL10 SIP features a built-in antenna, RSL10 radio, and all required ...
  9. Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation, (AKM), has released the AK4377A , a D/A converter with headphone amplifier. This is the newer and higher performing solution compared to the AK4376A , (a 2017 release), which has been adopted by many portable ...
    ADC, DAC · Audio » AKM » AK4377A
  10. Device realizes motor control with two dry-cell batteries Toshiba Electronics Europe has announced the launch of a new dual H-bridge driver IC for DC brushed motors and stepping motors. The TC78H651FNG delivers performance at a low voltage (down to ...
    Drivers » Toshiba » TC78H651FNG
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