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  1. James Lockridge, Texas Instruments Electronic Design Rather than use a fixed-rail voltage source, it’s more efficient and flexible to utilize a current source so that performance remains consistent while supply rail and coil resistance ...
    Drivers » Texas Instruments » DRV110, DRV120
  2. Mangjing Xie Electronic Design Isolated dc-dc converters are prone to excessive in-rush current, but a small soft-start circuit can solve the problem and limit that current. Most dc-dc converters require a soft-start circuit to limit the in-rush ...
  3. Lou Frenzel Electronic Design Charge pumps are ideal for designs using a larger, main single-voltage power supply that requires lower-current auxiliary voltage sources, and can handle ICs and components that demand multiple voltages. A charge pump ...
  4. Lou Frenzel Electronic Design We take a look back at a device that overwhelmingly changed the electronics industry and our lives. As of Dec. 23, 2017, the transistor was officially 70 years old. The invention of the transistor may have been the ...
  5. 6 applications utilizing thermally based circuits are detailed. Included are a 50 MHz RMS to DC converter, and anemometer, a liquid flow meter and others. A general discussion of thermodynamic considerations involved in circuitry is also presented.
  6. The LT1010 150 mA power buffer is described in a number of useful applications such as boosted op amp, a feed-forward, wideband DC stabilized buffer, a video line driver amplifier, a fast sample-hold with hold step compensation, an overload ...
  7. This application note describes the unique operating characteristics of the LT1005 and describes a number of useful applications which take advantage of the regulator's ability to control the output with a logic control signal.
  8. This application note describes a number of enhancement circuit techniques used with existing 3-terminal regulators which extend current capability, limit power dissipation, provide high voltage output, operate from 110 VAC or 220 VAC without the ...
  9. Wayne Freeman, Microchip Technology Electronic Design The venerable 8-bit microcontroller (MCU) celebrated its 46th birthday this year. Even in middle age, the scrappy, numerically challenged architecture still finds its way into many new embedded ...
  10. Lux Magazine The transition from sodium to LED exterior lighting over recent years appears to have made global light pollution worse not better, scientists have reported. A team of researchers who studied NASA images say that in the last four years ...
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