Datasheet SR506 - Taiwan Semiconductor DIODE, SCHOTTKY, 5 A, 60 V

Taiwan Semiconductor SR506

Part Number: SR506

Detailed Description

Manufacturer: Taiwan Semiconductor

Description: DIODE, SCHOTTKY, 5 A, 60 V

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SR502 THRU SR510
5.0 AMPS.

Schottky Barrier Rectifiers
Voltage Range 20 to 100 Volts Current 5.0 Amperes
Low forward voltage drop High current capability High reliability High surge current capability

Application NoteApplication Note

Introduction To SCHOTTKY Rectifier and Application Guidelines
Kevin Wu, AE Manager Taiwan Semiconductor Why SCHOTTKY? For Silicon devices, the forward voltage drop of the pn-junction rectifier can not be reduced below about 0.8 volts even if the device is not required to block higher reverse voltage. In the case of the output rectifiers used in power supplies for computers and telecommunications, this voltage drop is a large fraction of the output voltage of 5V or less. This results in a loss in the power supply efficiency by 20% - 30%. For Schottky barrier rectifier they can exhibit a very low forward voltage drop leading a smaller conduction loss than that of pn-junction rectifier, and switching speeds approaching zero-time. This combination hence makes Schottky barrier rectifiers ideal for the output stages of switching power supplies. Schottky diodes Presently the breakdown voltage of the Silicon Schottky diode cannot be reliably made larger than 200V. However, the drawback
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RoHS: Yes

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