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Datasheet BAV103-GS08 - Vishay SWITCH DIODE, 250 V, 250 mA, SOD-80

Vishay BAV103-GS08

Part Number: BAV103-GS08

Detailed Description

Manufacturer: Vishay

Description: SWITCH DIODE, 250 V, 250 mA, SOD-80

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Vishay Semiconductors
Small Signal Switching Diodes, High Voltage
· Silicon Epitaxial Planar Diodes · Lead (Pb)-free component · Component in accordance to RoHS 2002/95/EC and WEEE 2002/96/EC


  • Diode Type: Small Signal
  • Forward Current If(AV): 250 mA
  • Forward Surge Current Ifsm Max: 1 A
  • Forward Voltage VF Max: 1 V
  • Repetitive Reverse Voltage Vrrm Max: 250 V
  • Reverse Recovery Time trr Max: 50 ns
  • RoHS: Y-Ex

Other Names:

BAV103GS08, BAV103 GS08

AliExpressBav103-gs08 250 V 250mA SOD80 103 BAV103 50PCS/LOT4,63 $
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