Datasheet ZEN164V130A24LS - TE Connectivity DIODE, ZENER, 16.4 V, 0.7 W, 1.3 A, SMD

TE Connectivity ZEN164V130A24LS

Part Number: ZEN164V130A24LS

Detailed Description

Manufacturer: TE Connectivity

Description: DIODE, ZENER, 16.4 V, 0.7 W, 1.3 A, SMD

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PolyZen Devices
PolyZen Devices
Polymer Protected Zener Diode
PolyZen devices are polymer enhanced precision Zener diode micro-assemblies that help protect sensitive electronics from damage caused by inductive voltage spikes, voltage transients, use of incorrect power supplies and reverse bias.

The PolyZen micro-assembly incorporates a stable Zener diode for precise voltage clamping and a resistively non-linear, polymeric positive temperature coefficient (PPTC) layer that responds to either diode heating or overcurrent events by transitioning from a low to high resistance state.