Datasheet MUN5313DW1T1G - ON Semiconductor BRT TRANSISTOR, 50 V, 47K/47KOHM, SC88

ON Semiconductor MUN5313DW1T1G

Part Number: MUN5313DW1T1G

Detailed Description

Manufacturer: ON Semiconductor

Description: BRT TRANSISTOR, 50 V, 47K/47KOHM, SC88

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MUN5311DW1T1G Series Dual Bias Resistor Transistors
Preferred Devices
NPN and PNP Silicon Surface Mount Transistors with Monolithic Bias Resistor Network
The Bias Resistor Transistor (BRT) contains a single transistor with a monolithic bias network consisting of two resistors; a series base resistor and a base-emitter resistor.

These digital transistors are designed to replace a single device and its external resistor bias network. The BRT eliminates these individual components by integrating them into a single device. In the MUN5311DW1T1G series, two complementary BRT devices are housed in the SOT-363 package which is ideal for low power surface mount applications where board space is at a premium.


RoHS: Yes

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