Datasheet MC25143 - Multicomp POWER RELAY SPDT-1NO/1NC 12 V DC, 12 A, PCB

Multicomp MC25143

Part Number: MC25143

Detailed Description

Manufacturer: Multicomp

Description: POWER RELAY SPDT-1NO/1NC 12 V DC, 12 A, PCB

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Contact Data
Contact form Contact material Contact rating Maximum switching voltage Maximum switching current Maximum switching power Minimum switching load Maximum contact resistance Life Electrical Mechanical General Data Minimum insulation resistance Dielectric strength Operate time Release time Operate temperature Shock Resistance Endurance Misoperation Vibration Resistance Endurance Misoperation Humidity : 10 to 55Hz, 1.5mm double amplitude. : 10 to 55Hz, 1.5mm double amplitude. : 35% to 95%RH, +40°C. : 1000m/s2. : 100m/s2. : 1000M 500V dc. : 1000V ac, 1 min between open contacts 5000V ac, 1 min between coil and contacts. : Maximum 10ms. : Maximum 5ms. : -40 to +85°C. : 100,000 operations. 50,000 operations (Inductive: Cos Ш0.4, L/R = 7ms). : 20,000,000 operations. : 1 form C. : Ag Alloy. : Resistive: 12A 250V ac/30V dc. Inductive: 5A 250V ac Cos Ш = 0.4. : 380V ac/30V dc. : 12A. : 3000VA, 360W. : 5V dc, 100mA. : 100m (6V dc 1A).
Coil Data Chart
Nominal Voltage V dc 12 24


RoHS: Yes