Datasheet STR750FV2H6 - STMicroelectronics Microcontrollers (MCU) 32- bit ARM7TDMI MCU w/ Flash SMI

Part Number: STR750FV2H6

Detailed Description

Manufacturer: STMicroelectronics

Description: Microcontrollers (MCU) 32- bit ARM7TDMI MCU w/ Flash SMI

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ARM7TDMI-STM 32-bit MCU with Flash, SMI, 3 std 16-bit timers, PWM timer, fast 10-bit ADC, I2C, UART, SSP, USB and CAN
Core ­ ARM7TDMI-S 32-bit RISC CPU ­ 54 DMIPS @ 60 MHz Memories ­ Up to 256 KB Flash program memory (10k W/E cycles, retention 20 yrs @ 85°C) ­ 16 KB Read-While-Write Flash for data (100k W/E cycles, retention 20 yrs@ 85°C) ­ Flash Data Readout and Write Protection ­ 16KBytes embedded high speed SRAM ­ Memory mapped interface (SMI) to ext.

Serial Flash (64 MB) w. boot capability Clock, reset and supply management ­ Single supply 3.3V ±10% or 5V ±10% ­ Embedded 1.8V Voltage Regulators ­ Int. RC for fast start-up and backup clock ­ Up to 60 MHz operation using internal PLL with 4 or 8 MHz crystal/ceramic osc. ­ Smart Low Power Modes: SLOW, WFI, STOP and STANDBY with backup registers ­ Real-time Clock, driven by low power internal RC or 32.768 kHz dedicated osc, for clock-calendar and Auto Wake-up Nested interrupt controlle