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Datasheet Texas Instruments LM3S1435-IBZ50-A2T

Datasheet Texas Instruments LM3S1435-IBZ50-A2T

ManufacturerTexas Instruments
Part NumberLM3S1435-IBZ50-A2T

Stellaris LM3S Microcontroller 108-NFBGA -40 to 85


  • Download » Datasheet, PDF, 5.0 Mb, Revision: I, 07-16-2014
    Stellaris LM3S1435 Microcontroller Data Sheet datasheet
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    TE X AS I NS TRUM E NTS -P RO DUCTION D ATA ® Stellaris LM3S1435 Microcontroller
    D ATA SHE E T D S -LM3S 1435 -1 5 8 5 2 . 2 7 4 3
    S P M S 016I C o p yri g h t © 2 0 07-2014
    Te xa s In stru me n ts In co rporated Copyright
    Copyright © 2007-2014 Texas Instruments Incorporated All rights reserved. Stellaris and StellarisWare® are registered trademarks of Texas Instruments
    Incorporated. ARM and Thumb are registered trademarks and Cortex is a trademark of ARM Limited. Other names and brands may be claimed as the
    property of others.
    PRODUCTION DATA information is current as of publication date. Products conform to specifications per the terms of Texas Instruments standard
    warranty. Production processing does not necessarily include testing of all parameters.
    Please be aware that an important notice concerning availability, standard warranty, and use in critical applications of Texas Instruments semiconductor
    products and disclaimers thereto appears at the end of this data sheet.
    Texas Instruments Incorporated
    108 Wild Basin, Suite 350
    Austin, TX 78746 2 July 15, 2014
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Family: LM3S1435


Lifecycle StatusNRND (Not recommended for new designs)
Manufacture's Sample AvailabilityNo


Package QTY100010001000
Device MarkingIBZ50LM3S1435ZCR
Width (mm)101010
Length (mm)101010
Thickness (mm).95.95.95
Pitch (mm).8.8.8
Max Height (mm)
Mechanical DataDownload »Download »Download »

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Application Notes

  • Download » Application Notes, PDF, 1.7 Mb, Revision: A, 08-15-2012
    Using Execute, Write/Erase Flash Protection on Stellaris MCUs Using CCS (Rev. A)
    Protection of code and IP in a microcontroller's Flash memory has always been an important consideration for the system designers. Stellaris® microcontrollers feature a code protection mechanism that enables developers to protect their code and IP in the end application, while providing the flexibility to upgrade the firmware using a boot loader. This application report describes using Flash p
  • Download » Application Notes, PDF, 95 Kb, 07-07-2009
    Programming the On-Chip Flash Memory in a Stellaris Microcontroller (AN01237)
    This application note provides three methods for erasing and programming Flash memory: the StellarisWare Peripheral DriverLib, software polling for completed updates, and interrupt-driven updates.
  • Download » Application Notes, PDF, 278 Kb, Revision: B, 02-04-2013
    System Design Guidelines for Stellaris® Microcontrollers   (Rev. B)
  • Download » Application Notes, PDF, 170 Kb, 07-07-2009
    Using the Stellaris Microcontroller Analog-to-Digital Converter (AN01247)
    This application note describes ADC sampling and configuring Stellaris microcontrollers through the StellarisWare Peripheral Driver Library or through direct writes to the device's control registers.
  • Download » Application Notes, PDF, 162 Kb, Revision: E, 09-24-2013
    Differences Among Stellaris® LM3S and Tiva™ C Series TM4C123x MCUs (Rev. E)
    is document addresses design items to be aware of when migrating working designs among Fury-, DustDevil-, Tempest-, and Firestorm-Stellaris® microcontrollers (MCUs) and Tiva™ C Series TM4C123x-class MCUs. Topics covered include both software and hardware issues as well as feature changes and enhancements. All software issues are comprehended in the Driver Library APIs. As a result, syste
  • Download » Application Notes, PDF, 120 Kb, 07-07-2009
    Using the Stellaris Serial Flash Loader (AN01242)
    This application note describes how to communicate with the Stellaris serial flash loader application.
  • Download » Application Notes, PDF, 301 Kb, 07-07-2009
    Using a 9-bit Software UART with Stellaris (AN01280)
    This application note describes how to extend the functionality of the standard hardware UART available on Stellaris® microcontrollers by using the 9-bit UART add-on.
  • Download » Application Notes, PDF, 161 Kb, 07-07-2009
    Optimizing Code Performance and Size for Stellaris Microcontrollers (AN01265)
    This application note provides a summary of factors that affect code performance and size for Stellaris® microcontrollers and suggestions to improve code performance and size including example code.
  • Download » Application Notes, PDF, 127 Kb, Revision: C, 11-01-2012
    Stellaris® LM3S ADC Calibration (AN01282) (Rev. C)
    This application report describes a method for improving the absolute accuracy of the analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) found on Stellaris® LM3S microcontrollers. Due to inherent gain and offset errors, the absolute accuracy of the ADC is affected. The methods described in this application report can improve the absolute accuracy of the ADC results.
  • Download » Application Notes, PDF, 184 Kb, 07-07-2009
    Migrating from Sandstorm-Class to Fury-Class Stellaris Microcontrollers
    This application note provides a summary of differences between existing Sandstorm class devices and new Fury class devices in the Stellaris family of microcontrollers.
  • Download » Application Notes, PDF, 91 Kb, 07-07-2009
    Using Stellaris MCUs Internal Flash Memory to Emulate EEPROM (AN01267)
    This application note describes how to emulate EEPROM using the internal Flash memory and provides an example application that uses EEPROM emulation drivers.
  • Download » Application Notes, PDF, 77 Kb, 07-07-2009
    Software UART for Stellaris Microcontrollers (AN01270)
    This application note looks at implementing a software-based UART which, using general-purpose input/outputs (GPIO), allows the user to overcome hardware limitations or lack of dedicated peripherals.
  • Download » Application Notes, PDF, 95 Kb, Revision: A, 01-08-2013
    ADC Oversampling Techniques for Stellaris Microcontrollers (AN01239) (Rev. A)
    Some members of the Stellaris microcontroller family have an analog-to-digital converter (ADC) module. The hardware resolution of the ADC is 10 bits; however, due to noise and other accuracy diminishing factors, the true accuracy is less than 10 bits. This application report provides a software-based oversampling technique, resulting in an improved effective number of bits (ENOB) in the conversion
  • Download » Application Notes, PDF, 74 Kb, 07-07-2009
    Implementing RS-232 Flow Control on a Stellaris Microcontroller (AN01255)
    This application note describes how to implement flow control by using the Stellaris GPIO module with its interrupt support.

Moldel Line

Series: LM3S1435 (4)

Manufacturer's Classification

  • Semiconductors > Microcontrollers (MCU) > Performance MCUs > Control + Automation > LM3S Cortex-M3 Series

Other Names:

LM3S1435IBZ50A2T, LM3S1435 IBZ50 A2T

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