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Datasheet LPC4310FBD144,551 - NXP ARM Microcontrollers (MCU) Dual-core Cortex-M4/ M0, 168 Kb SRAM

Part Number: LPC4310FBD144,551

Manufacturer: NXP

Description: ARM Microcontrollers (MCU) Dual-core Cortex-M4/ M0, 168 Kb SRAM

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ES_LPC4350/30/20/10 Rev A
Errata sheet LPC4350, LPC4330, LPC4320, LPC4310 Rev A
Rev. 2.2 -- 8 August 2012 Errata sheet
Document information Info Keywords Content LPC4350FET256, LPC4350FET180, LPC4350FBD208, LPC4330FET256, LPC4330FET180, LPC4330FET100, LPC4330FBD144, LPC4320FET100, LPC4320FBD144, LPC4320FBD100, LPC4310FET100, LPC4310FBD144, Rev A errata This errata sheet describes both the known functional problems and any deviations from the electrical specifications known at the release date of this document. Each deviation is assigned a number and its history is tracked in a table.


  • Core: ARM Cortex M0, ARM Cortex M4
  • Data Bus Width: 32 bit
  • Packaging Type: Tray
  • RoHS: Yes

Other Names:

LPC4310FBD144551, LPC4310FBD144 551

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