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Datasheet AT91SAM9N12-CU - Atmel ARM Microcontrollers (MCU) BGA Grn IT MRL A

Atmel AT91SAM9N12-CU

Part Number: AT91SAM9N12-CU

Manufacturer: Atmel

Description: ARM Microcontrollers (MCU) BGA Grn IT MRL A

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· Core ·
­ ARM926EJ-STM ARMŪ ThumbŪ Processor running up to 400 MHz @ 1.0V +/- 10% ­ 16 Kbytes Data Cache, 16 Kbytes Instruction Cache, Memory Management Unit Memories ­ One 128-Kbyte internal ROM embedding bootstrap routine ­ One 32-Kbyte internal SRAM, single-cycle access at system speed ­ 32-bit External Bus Interface supporting 8-bank DDR2/LPDDR, SDR/LPSDR, Static Memories ­ MLC/SLC NAND Controller, with up to 24-bit Programmable Multi-bit Error Correcting Code (PMECC) System running up to 133 MHz ­ Power-on Reset, Reset Controller, Shut Down Controller, Periodic Interval Timer, Watchdog Timer and Real Time Clock ­ Boot Mode Select Option, Remap Command ­ Internal Low Power 32 kHz RC and Fast 12 MHz RC Oscillators ­ Selectable 32768 Hz Low-power Oscillator, 16 MHz Oscillator, one PLL for the system and one PLL optimized for USB ­ Six 32-bit-layer AHB Bus Matrix ­ Dual Peripheral Bridge with dedicated programmable clock ­ One dual port 8-channel DMA Controller ­ Advanced In


  • Clock Frequency Max: 133 MHz
  • Core: ARM926EJ-S
  • Data Bus Width: 32 bit
  • Mounting Style: SMD/SMT
  • On-Chip ADC: Yes
  • Operating Supply Voltage: 1.8 V, 3.3 V
  • Operating Temperature Range: - 40 C to + 85 C
  • Package / Case: BGA-217
  • Processor Series: AT91SAM
  • Program Memory Size: 128 Kb
  • RAM Size: 32 Kb
  • RoHS: Yes

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