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Datasheet AD632ADZ - Analog Devices IC, ANALOG MULTIPLIER, 20V/ uS, TO-116-14

Analog Devices AD632ADZ

Part Number: AD632ADZ

Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Description: IC, ANALOG MULTIPLIER, 20V/ uS, TO-116-14

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FEATURES Pretrimmed to 0.5% Max 4-Quadrant Error All Inputs (X, Y and Z) Differential, High Impedance for [(X1X2)(Y1Y2)/10] + Z2 Transfer Function Scale-Factor Adjustable to Provide up to X10 Gain Low Noise Design: 90 V rms, 10 Hz10 kHz Low Cost, Monolithic Construction Excellent Long-Term Stability APPLICATIONS High Quality Analog Signal Processing Differential Ratio and Percentage Computations Algebraic and Trigonometric Function Synthesis Accurate Voltage Controlled Oscillators and Filters
Internally Trimmed Precision IC Multiplier AD632
D-Package SBDIP


  • Number of Amplifiers: 4
  • Number of Multipliers / Dividers: 1
  • Operating Temperature Range: -25C to +85C
  • Package / Case: TO-116
  • Slew Rate: 20 V/s
  • Supply Voltage Range: 8 V to 18 V
  • RoHS: Yes

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