Datasheet G6RN1AP424DC - Omron RELAY, SPDT, 8 A, SEALED, 24 V

Omron G6RN1AP424DC

Part Number: G6RN1AP424DC

Detailed Description

Manufacturer: Omron

Description: RELAY, SPDT, 8 A, SEALED, 24 V

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PCB Power Relay
Miniature Power Relay for Switching 8 A
· Low-profile height of 15 mm (approx. 60% the height of the Omron G2R model). · Capable of switching with 8 A at 250 VAC despite its small size. · High sensitivity with 220mW power consumption. · Offers high insulation with insulation distance of 8 mm and impulse withstand voltage of 10kV between coil and contacts. · Satisfies ambient operating temperature requirement of 85°C. · Standard model conforms to VDE standards. RoHS Compliant
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