Datasheet TS393CDT - STMicroelectronics COMPARATOR, DUAL, 16 V, 0.02 A, 8SO

STMicroelectronics TS393CDT

Part Number: TS393CDT

Detailed Description

Manufacturer: STMicroelectronics

Description: COMPARATOR, DUAL, 16 V, 0.02 A, 8SO

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Micropower dual CMOS voltage comparators
Extremely low supply current: typically 9 µA per comparator Wide single supply range 2.7 V to 16 V or dual supplies (±1.35 V to ±8 V) Extremely low input bias current: 1 pA typical Extremely low input offset current: 1 pA typical Input common-mode voltage range includes ground High input impedance: 1012 typ Fast response time: 2.5 µs typ.

for 5 mV overdrive Pin-to-pin and functionally compatible with dual bipolar LM393
N DIP8 (Plastic package)