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Datasheet Texas Instruments TPA2006D1DRBR

Datasheet Texas Instruments TPA2006D1DRBR

ManufacturerTexas Instruments
Part NumberTPA2006D1DRBR

1.45-W Mono Class-D Audio Amplifier with 1.8V Compatible Shutdown Voltage (TPA2006) 8-SON -40 to 85


  • Download » Datasheet PDF, 1.4 Mb, Revision: B, File published: Sep 30, 2015
    TPA2006D1 1.45-W MONO Filter-free Class-D Audio Power Amplifier with 1.8-V Compatible Input Thresholds datasheet
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    SLOS498B – SEPTEMBER 2006 – REVISED SEPTEMBER 2015 TPA2006D1 1.45-W MONO Filter-free Class-D Audio Power Amplifier with 1.8-V
    Compatible Input Thresholds
    1 Features 1 2 Applications
    Ideal for Wireless or Cellular Handsets and PDAs Maximum Battery Life and Minimum Heat
    – Efficiency With an 8-Ω Speaker:
    – 88% at 400 mW
    – 80% at 100 mW
    – 2.8-mA Quiescent Current
    – 0.5-μA Shutdown Current
    SHUTDOWN Pin has 1.8-V Compatible
    Capable of Driving an
    8-Ω Speaker (2.5 V ≤ VDD ≤ 5.5 V) and a
    4-Ω Speaker (2.5 V ≤ VDD ≤ 4.2 V)
    Only Three External Components
    – Optimized PWM Output Stage Eliminates LC
    Output Filter ...


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Family: TPA2006D1


Lifecycle StatusActive (Recommended for new designs)
Manufacture's Sample AvailabilityYes


Package TypeDRB
Industry STD TermVSON
Package QTY3000
CarrierLARGE T&R
Device MarkingBTQ
Width (mm)3
Length (mm)3
Thickness (mm).88
Pitch (mm).65
Max Height (mm)1
Mechanical DataDownload »


Analog Supply (V)5.5 Min
ArchitectureClass D
Audio Input TypeAnalog Input
Control InterfaceHardware
Iq per channel(Typ)3.4 mA
Iq(Max)4.9 mA
Iq(Typ)3.4 mA
Load(Min)8 ohms
Operating Temperature Range-40 to 85 C
Output Power1.45 W
Package GroupSON
Package Size: mm2:W x LSee datasheet (SON) PKG
Shutdown Current (ISD)0.5 uA
Speaker ChannelsMono Max
THD + N @ 1 kHz0.19 %

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Design Kits & Evaluation Modules

  • Evaluation Modules & Boards: TPA2006D1EVM
    TPA2006D1 Evaluation Module (EVM)
    Lifecycle Status: Active (Recommended for new designs)

Application Notes

  • Download » Application Notes PDF, 140 Kb, Revision: A, File published: May 1, 2013
    AN-1737 Managing EMI in Class D Audio Applications (Rev. A)
    Electromagnetic interference (EMI) is an unwanted disturbance caused in an electrical circuit byelectromagnetic radiation emitted from an external source. The disturbance may interrupt, obstruct, orotherwise degrade the effective performance of the circuit.
  • Download » Application Notes PDF, 1.9 Mb, Revision: B, File published: May 1, 2013
    AN-1849 An Audio Amplifier Power Supply Design (Rev. B)
    This application report provides design information for a power supply for use with our newest offering of high-performance, ultra high-fidelity audio amplifier input stage ICs.
  • Download » Application Notes PDF, 765 Kb, File published: Oct 30, 2001
    Guidelines for Measuring Audio Power Amplifier Performance
    This application note provides guidelines for measuring the date sheet parameters of Texas Instruments audio power amplifiers (APAs) using prefabricated evaluation modules (EVMs). The primary equipment used for the measurements consists of the System Two audio measurement system by Audio Precision , a digital multimeter (DMM), and a dc power supply.

Moldel Line

Series: TPA2006D1 (4)

Manufacturer's Classification

  • Semiconductors > Audio > Low-Power Audio Amplifiers (<10W) > Speaker Amplifier Class AB/Class D
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