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Datasheet NJW1151M - New Japan Radio Audio Amplifiers 6Ch Electric Volume

New Japan Radio NJW1151M

Part Number: NJW1151M

Manufacturer: New Japan Radio

Description: Audio Amplifiers 6Ch Electric Volume

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s GENERAL DESCRIPTION The NJW1151 is a 6-CHANNEL ELECTRONIC VOLUME, which also includes tone control, balance and trim level control. The NJW1151 is suitable for multi-channel audio system, such as AV amplifier, mini stereo component, speaker system, and others. 2 All of internal status and variables are controlled by I C BUS interface. s FEATURES q Operating Voltage 2 q I C BUS Interface q 6-Chnnel Master Volume q Balance control for L, R-ch q Trim Level Control for C, SL, SR, SW-ch q Independent Tone Control (Bass, Treble) q Bi-CMOS Technology q Package Outline s BLOCK DIAGRAM s PACKAGE OUTLINE
NJW1151M +8.0 to +15.0V 0 to 79dB, MUTE 0 to 30dB, MUTE 0 to 20dB for L, R-ch SDMP30
Lch TONE in Rch TONE in


  • Input Offset Voltage: Minimum Operating Temperature:- 40 C
  • Maximum Power Dissipation: 700 mW
  • Mounting Style: SMD/SMT
  • Operating Supply Voltage: 8 V to 15 V
  • Operating Temperature Max: + 85 C
  • Output Type: 6-Channel Volume
  • Package / Case: SDMP-30
  • Packaging Type: Tube
  • Product: General Purpose Audio Amplifiers
  • Supply Current: 10 mA
  • THD plus Noise: 0.005 %
  • RoHS: Yes

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